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by The Professionals at Kiefer

February 3, 2010

Even if you are one of the lucky ones to be free from pressures from the tough economy, making the most of your swimsuit purchases should be a priority! Whether you favor polyester or Lycra, eventually your swimsuit will discolor, fade, stretch, tear, or if you’re lucky enough to have it for a really long time, dry rot. With a little extra care, it is possible to get weeks or even months of extra use out of your non-technical swimsuit. Follow these simple guidelines for long-lasting swimsuits.


When purchasing a swimsuit, be sure the fit is snug and comfortable on the body. Seams should not pop, fabric should not rip, and bottoms and tops shouldn't be sagging or baggy.


Before trying your swimsuit in the pool, give it a good examination. While suit packaging doesn't need to be in perfect condition (sometimes suit boxes and tags get damaged in shipping), check the suit for fabric flaws, improperly sewn seams or straps, missing drawstrings, and other oddities. If the suit is not in good condition upon purchase, it should be exchanged.


If you’re sure that you like the suit and are going to keep it, a good pre-rinse in a “suit saving” solution is the ideal way to introduce your suit to water. Products such as Penguin Sport-Wash help prepare your suit for harsh pool chemicals and salt water.


At the very least, rinse your suit in the shower after your swim. For a better cleanse, hand washing your suit in a combination of cold fresh water and products such as Suit Solutions or Suit Saver will help neutralize and remove residual chlorine and its odor. After rinsing, always hang your suit where it can air dry, away from heat and direct sunlight. Machine washing your swimsuit with bleach or detergent and drying it in a suit drier, home drier, or by wring drying is not recommended - this can lead to unnecessary stretching and deterioration. Naturally, ironing your suit is not recommended.


Finally, proper suit storage should always be practiced. A wet swimsuit should never be thrown into a swim bag and forgotten until the next practice, nor should it be wrapped in a towel to rot. Consider a mesh gear bag to allow for ventilation of damp gear until it can be hung to dry, or clip it securely to the outside of your swim bag.

Now that you have all the tips to keeping your suit brighter, cleaner, and lasting longer, go for a swim and give your suit a rinse! For a wide selection of suit and personal care items visit