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by The Professionals at SwimOutletcom

June 3, 2010

Take a close look at the huge variety of goggles on the market, and you'll soon notice that your choices include not only different types of lenses, but also many different types of goggle straps. And that may leave you with a whole new set of questions.

Which goggle strap will keep your lenses in place for the start of a race? Which goggle strap is easily adjustable? Is it better to have a single or a double strap? Whatever your questions are about goggle straps, the answers are here.

Adjust on the Fly

If you've ever unhooked your goggle strap from that little plastic thingy to make a quick adjustment in the middle of a set ... and then spent the rest of the set struggling to put your goggles back together, you understand the popularity of the "squeeze-button" straps. For ease of adjustment, nothing beats them. Of course, you'll pay a bit more for the convenience. And you still have a few choices when it comes to strap material. Many swimmers upgrade to this type of strap because of how well it keeps goggles in place on a dive.

Back to Basics

You may have already noticed that the vast majority of goggles on the market employ a "double" or "split" strap to help keep goggles in place on racing starts. Know this: not all split straps are made equal! Those with one large split through the middle of the strap (effectively making a double strap) stay put better than those with two holes in the strap.

That said, those with two splits effectively create a single strap across the back of your head, so they're a bit more convenient to put on. Of course, most of these straps are not quite as easy to adjust as the squeeze-button bungee-type straps, described above.

Practically Free Replacements

If you're just looking for an inexpensive, effective replacement strap to keep your favorite pair of lenses in operation, they are available! While this may mean you are not be able to make adjustments quite as quickly or easily as with the newer, more modern straps, how often do you really have to adjust your goggle strap anyway? And for the cost-conscious: you'll save a few bucks.

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