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by The Professionals at TYR

March 21, 2017

Ever wonder what all those fins really do?

Training fins are lightweight tools that can have a big-time impact. They help swimmers improve their endurance, leg strength, and technique—things that can help you achieve that personal best or improve your fitness level.

There are many types of fins to choose from, most of which fall into three categories: long blade, medium blade, and short blade. Here’s how to tell which blade length is right for you.

Long-Blade Fins

Long-blade fins are ideal for swimmers who need move through the water smoothly during drill work. The longer blade allows for maximum propulsion with a limited amount of force, so even a weak kicker can move quickly in them. Long-blade fins are useful for helping swimmers learn to kick from the hip and can also improve ankle flexibility, making them a great choice for beginning swimmers.

Medium-Blade Fins

Medium-blade fins provide the ideal mix of propulsion and focused kick-rate work. Here, the blades require athletes to kick with a bit more tempo than with a long blade to achieve the same level of propulsion. Medium-blade fins are the most versatile fins and are great for swimmers of all levels. If you’re working on both speed and tempo, and only want one set of fins in your swim bag, medium-blade fins are a great choice.

Short-Blade Fins

Short-blade fins are ideal for speed work. Though they don’t provide as much propulsion as medium- and long-blade fins, they allow for a heightened tempo while moving through the water. Short-blade fins are also a favorite among Masters swimmers because they help keep body position higher in the water without causing too much reliance. Short-blade fins simulate normal swimming more closely than any other fin type.

Fins can be an overlooked training tool, but they’re great at helping swimmers of all talent levels improve their speed and fitness. TYR offers the long-blade TYR Flexfins, the medium-blade TYR Crossblade Training Fins, and the short-blade TYR Burner EBF for whatever you want to accomplish in your training regimen.

Fins should be a welcome addition to any workout—and not just because they make it easier to swim faster. Whether you’re new to the sport or are a seasoned swimmer, there’s a fin set for you. Try switching up your workout by adding these great training tools to your swim bag.

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