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by Linda Shoenberger

April 4, 2012

Youth fitness is on the decline - USMS can help!

This month’s American Swimming Coaches Association magazine SWIMMING addresses an important issue. The children joining their swim teams are not as fit as they used to be.

The general consensus is that children are not getting enough outside play anymore. They are not building strong bodies. Instead they are spending time parked in front of the TV, computer and video games.

It is a major concern that children are not as active or fit as they used to be. They are prone to become overweight, lethargic and unhealthy. Coaches find it difficult to overcome the challenges put forth when children aren’t comfortable in their bodies.

Many of us can remember our childhoods playing hide and seek outside with the neighborhood children, riding our bikes, and very fond memories of summer afternoons at the pool, shouting, playing, running (lifeguards yelling, “Don’t run!”), jumping, splashing and having a wonderful time.

This activity is the foundation of our overall health throughout life.

Today we have USMS—a wonderful program that allows us to continue to play outside (or inside for those of us with indoor pools). We are graced with the opportunity to stay healthy, play at the pool, meet and socialize. Does it get any better than this?

The amazing gift of Masters swimming programs is continuing to grow through the efforts of U.S. Masters Swimming and all of us who take part. We Masters swimmers have the opportunity to give young people the message that there is joy and a chance for a healthy life through sport and fitness.

See you and your family at the pool!


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