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by Suzi Green

May 30, 2013

Hooked on the FLOGs

Angela Fadlovich, 47, lives in Camas, Wash., with her husband, three children, and pets. When not swimming, Fadlovich enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and watching her kids’ sports activities.

Fadlovich started swimming a few years ago. She remembers the day because she was excited to activate her Fitness Log and join the Nike Go the Distance program. She loves the way the FLOG tracks everything for her. Her two older kids swim and it was their coach who encouraged Fadlovich to get in the pool.

With her daughter’s and teammates’ encouragement, she set her GTD goal at 50 miles during her first full year of swimming, mostly because she wanted the swim cap that Nike sends at the 50-mile mark. After reaching that goal in March, she upped her goal to 250 miles for the year.

Swimming for fun, fitness, and friends is her priority; however she says her coach would like her to add “fast” to her list. Although Fadlovich has not competed much yet, she has done the 1-Hour Swim and the 3K and 5K postal swims. She also competed in an Oregon Masters meet and she and her lanemates all did a 400 IM, which she says was a fun bonding experience for them.

Fadlovich swims mostly with the Lacamas Headhunters Masters group but sometimes gets in the pool on her own. She swims about 2600 meters during organized practices. She’s proud of the fact that by swimming daily and FLOGging her progress, she remained at the top of her age group in GDT for the entire month of January last year. She loves GTD, and advises anyone who is interested to set a goal and use the FLOGs to keep track of it. Her goal in 2013 is 365 miles.


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