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by The Professionals at Speedo

March 7, 2017

Fly your team colors with customizable goggles

When it comes to fashion and team spirit, swimmers love to stand out. Whether it’s with matching logo-embroidered warm-ups, screen tees, funny hats, or bright caps in team colors, showing team spirit and individual personality is easy with the availability of customizable products.

But nowadays you can fly your colors with your training and racing gear—not just your apparel. No doubt—good-looking gear is important—but swimmers expect their gear to perform at the highest level when it counts the most. Being ahead of the curve when it comes to training aids, suits, and goggles can be the difference between winning and losing.

Speedo, known for its leading-edge performance gear, is now bringing style and personality to its newest and fastest racing goggle, the Fastskin Prime. The Fastskin Prime is fully customizable, allowing you to create 16 different color combinations. Each Fastskin Prime contains one lens, two frames, two straps, two strap tensioners, and two nose bridges for a custom fit.

Peak Performance

Although the Fastskin Prime is unique in its custom look, it’s also built to perform at the highest level. The Fastskin Prime is:

  • Speedo’s fastest, most hydrodynamic goggle ever.
  • Engineered for racing—its low-profile design minimizes drag.
  • Built with the most advanced goggle technology available and delivers a precision, leak-free fit.
  • FINA approved.

Looking good and swimming fast. What more do you need?


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