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by Linda Shoenberger

December 1, 2007

7 Habits of Fitness Swimmers

1.         Regularity – Fitness swimmers feel good about themselves when they swim on a regular basis.  Missing practice makes us feel uncomfortable, like something is missing in our lives.  Having a coach and regular time of practice is the best way for us to remain fit.  But if that’s not possible, we always make time to get to the pool or open water to train.

2.         Curiosity – We like to learn more and more about swimming.  If a coach tells us to change something in our strokes, we are happy to try the change to see if it works for us.  We’re always curious to find ways to improve our fitness swimming.

3.         Change – We’re not afraid of change.  In fact we are risk-takers at heart.  We will gladly change our stroke if it proves to make our fitness swimming better and more enjoyable.

4.         Challenge – We love a challenge.  Entering an open water event or trying a new event at a pool swim meet makes us happy.  Interest in the ever-changing nature of our abilities as fitness swimmers is stimulated by trying new things.

5.         Listen and Learn – We are not afraid to listen to others when they offer suggestions to improve our fitness swimming.  We learn by listening and cull out the suggestions that we feel help us enjoy and improve at fitness swimming.

6.         Study – Reading swim articles, watching videos and watching others swim helps us learn more about our own swimming.  We are always looking to see what is changing or what we may have never learned our sport.

7.         Persistence – We never give up.  Nor do we ever get tired of going to the pool, lake or ocean.  It’s in our nature.  It makes us happy and joyful about life.  It brings is closer to the people around us and it gives us a great deal of satisfaction in a job well done.