Media Pass Request

Thank you for your interest in U.S. Masters Swimming events. In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our events and to ensure brand integrity, anyone acquiring media for a media outlet or commercial entity at a USMS event must obtain a media pass. To get this process started, please fill out our online Media Pass Request at least two weeks prior to the event.

If you're taking pictures or video in spectator and athlete areas off the deck for personal or club use, you do not need to obtain a media pass. But please note: Cameras or recording devices in the pool and drones are prohibited at USMS events, except when in use by preauthorized USMS staff or contractors.

Media Pass Restrictions

If a USMS media pass is granted, you agree to the following:

  • No camera or recording equipment of any kind allowed in the pool at any time.
  • No drone operation at the venue.
  • No flash photography.
  • No photography or video behind the blocks during a start.
  • No photography or video in restricted areas, which can include diving platforms, catwalks, bulkheads, etc.
  • The meet referee or designee has authority to restrict access in areas on deck in the interests of effective meet operations. These can include the area behind the starting blocks, areas where officials are standing or walking to observe swimmers, bulkheads, operations areas, etc.
  • To not impede the progress of any athlete, event personnel, or meet officials on and off deck.
  • For filmmakers: Crowd-release notices must be posted at the entrances and exits of the facility.

Anyone failing to comply with these restrictions, or failing to follow event and meet officials’ direction as it relates to the operation of the event, is subject to removal from the meet at the discretion of the meet referee. Some restrictions do not apply to preauthorized USMS staff or contractors.

Media Pass Release

Once a Media Pass request is approved, you’ll be notified and you’ll proceed to the onsite media office to:

  • Sign a liability release.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance for your organization or project that includes indemnification of USMS for any damage you may cause to the facility, damage to your equipment, or injury to yourself or others caused by you.
  • Obtain the correct event name and organization name for the purposes of identifying them correctly in your publication or project. And for filmmakers, clearly and properly crediting USMS in the final production credits.
  • Receive a media pass credential that must be worn at all times while on deck. Media passes must be returned at the conclusion of the event.