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by The Professionals at blueseventy

November 12, 2009

Since goggles burst onto the swim scene in the 1970s they have been a key component in every swimmer’s equipment bag. Whether you prefer to stick to your tried and true “swedes” or are out there looking for the latest and greatest in pool eye wear, chances are you’ve got a few pairs in your swim bag, locker or backseat.

Goggle technology has come a long way over the years, and goggles designed for specific types of swimming are now on the market. Open water goggles that can significantly improve your ability to sight in open water conditions are just one example.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a good pair of open water-specific goggles, here are a few key elements to keep in mind.

  • Soft lenses
  • Flexible frame
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • UV protection

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are important not only for comfort, but also for safety. In an open water environment, the risk of getting a foot or elbow to the eye is high and a soft lens will provide some protection while decreasing the risk of injury.

Flexible Frame

A flexible frame combined with a soft lens will also increase visibility. Many goggles on the market have soft frames and lenses that wrap around the face and increase peripheral vision and comfort.

Anti-fog Lenses

When looking at lenses for open water goggles both anti-fog and UV protection are key to the success of open water athletes. Out in open water there aren’t any walls to grab onto in order to clear the fog from your goggles. To decrease anxiety and increase your visibility, make anti-fog lenses a priority.

UV Protection

Sunlight bouncing off of the water into the eyes can be dangerous for any swimmer, thus wearing goggles that contain UV protection during open water events is crucial to eye health.

Many open water-specific goggles come in small and large sizes to fit most face shapes.

For example, the blueseventy Siren goggle is specifically for a woman’s face. Visit for a wide selection of open-water-specific goggles, including the Siren.