March 3, 2009

U.S. Masters Swimming is the exclusive swimming organization featured within VISA's new global campaign: Go with VISA. The Go with VISA campaign, which runs through the remainder of 2009, focuses on fitness, social and community activities.

Go with VISA ( launched on March 2. VISA is promoting the Go campaign with TV, digital and print advertising. According to VISA, "[Go] is a tiny word that sets everything in motion." Go presents two options to its visitors: Go Explore and Go Save. "Go join a swim team," with a direct web link to, is a featured Go Explore highlight.

Rob Butcher, U.S. Masters Swimming executive director, commented on U.S. Masters Swimming's participation in the campaign: "One of our initiatives is to grow partnerships that extend the reach and promotion of adult swimming. We have more than 1,000 organized U.S. Masters Swimming programs across the country and hundreds of experienced coaches operating those programs. We are increasing promotion of adult health, fitness, wellness and competition through aquatics. By associating U.S. Masters Swimming with this VISA campaign, a brand with global reach, we are able to meet this goal."

U.S. Masters Swimming is experiencing double-digit membership growth over 2008 and expects its numbers to continue to rise. U.S. Masters Swimming's involvement with campaigns such as Go with VISA are catalysts in raising its popularity among the fitness population looking for a fun, healthy and affordable means of exercise and interaction.

About U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming, founded in 1971, is a membership-operated national governing body that promotes adult health, fitness and wellness through aquatics. It does so by partnering with more than 1,000 adult swim clubs across the country that offer swim/fitness programs, promoting information via a bimonthly member magazine and, and sanctioning and promoting pool, open water and virtual competitions. Nearly 50,000 adults are registered members of U.S. Masters Swimming.