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December 31, 2008

Lake Del Valle hosts in 2010

It takes a consolidated effort to pull off a perfect open-water Masters competition. The 2010 USMS Open Water Championships on June 6 will demonstrate the teamwork of Tri-Valley Masters Swimming at the beautiful Lake Del Valle in the Livermore , Calif. , wine country of the San Francisco's East Bay region.

As this year’s USMS open-water championship meet, TVM celebrates its tenth year running two races, a .75-mile race and a 1.5-mile race, that have become popular with swimmers of all ages because of the manageable distances in a relatively calm lake.

Since its inception in 2001, TVM’s .75 and 1.5 mile races have drawn increasing interest from swimmers, with 150 to 500 swimmers competing in one or both races. Well-marked courses guide swimmers through calm waters with views of the surrounding hills in water approaching a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 2009, TVM opened the races to age-group swimmers and more than 100 young members of USA Swimming competed. This year, USA Swimming will again join USMS members in the lake. In addition, the races are open to wet suit competitors training for triathlons.

The 2010 USMS open-water national championships promise to be exciting for all. From the comfortable swim with breathtaking view of the hills, to a fully-stocked hospitality buffet and an environmentally- friendly, reusable goody-bag (filled with items from our sponsors that you can actually use!), you won’t want to miss this race. For registration information, visit or contact meet director Bill McCracken.


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