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by The Professionals at FINIS Inc

July 2, 2012

Tips for breaststrokers

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In a Masters workout, sometimes being a breaststroker feels like being the odd swimmer out; you feel so different from the crowd. Even if you live on the same axle rotation as your cousin, the butterflyer, your kick requires bent legs, using a pull buoy while doing breaststroke just seems awkward, and let's face it, a lot of people think you are just out for a stroll when you swim. However, the real kicker is how ostracized you feel when it comes time to put on fins for a kick set. You are immediately banned from breaststroke kick. While teammates work their flutter and fly kicks to build more strength, what is a breaststroker to do? You suppose that you will resort to fly kick to work on that one pump allowed during the underwater pull down, right? Not anymore. There are fins out there that are safe for all four strokes: elliptical bladed fins, which have a round flexible blade around the foot pocket instead of the standard, straight short-blade fin.

Although all swimmers should take precaution when using any fin while doing breaststroke kick, there is a big difference from short-blade fins as opposed to those with an elliptical blade. Short-blade fins encourage short, fast kicks and are great for speed work and sets that increase heart rate. On the other hand, elliptical bladed fins create localized traction for a safer general workout while still producing the forward propulsion that short bladed fins do. Elliptical bladed and similar fins are considered safer for breaststroke because of the uniquely designed blade. Short blade fins can stress joints by putting pressure on wrong areas.

Elliptical bladed fins are a wise option for swimmers who like a variety in their workout, like Masters swimmers. They generate enough propulsion for swimmers to work on technique without the cramped feeling of fins that rub and cause occasional blisters.

FINIS produces the Positive Drive Fins, which have an elliptical blade and an open foot pocket to allow full flexion for breaststroke kicking. They also offer an adjustable, open heel strap that offers a secure and customized fit that allow for a natural feel in the water. The fins are also ideal for all ability levels and are preferred by those who want to work on building power and momentum in their breaststroke kick. No longer do you have to feel ostracized during your workout. If anything, your teammates will feel left out during the IM sets. FINIS is the technical leaders in swimming products and the PDFs are proof of it. PDFs and other technical products to help you swim smarter are available for purchase online at

PDFs are perfect for IM focused workouts to drive the legs and work on stroke transitions. Below are two great sets to get the most out of the PDFs:

IM Set #1

3 x [4 x 75] 10 seconds rest after each 75

  • 25 Fly, 25 Back, 25 Breast
  • 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Free
  • 25 Breast, 25 Free, 25 Fly
  • 25 Free, 25 Fly, 25 Back

IM Set #2

4 x 200s IM, 20 seconds rest after each 200

  • 50 fly kick, 50 fly swim, 50 back kick, 50 back swim
  • 50 back kick, 50 back swim, 50 breast kick, 50 breast swim
  • 50 breast kick, 50 breast swim, 50 free kick, 50 free swim
  • 50 free kick, 50 free swim, 50 fly kick, 50 fly swim


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