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by The Professionals at TYR

February 29, 2016

Tight and compressive, tech suits can be tricky to get on but are worth the effort

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When it comes to race day, few things are as important as your gear. And for a competitive swimmer at any level, a well fitting technical suit is certainly at the top of the list. From maximized core stabilization to optimized body positioning in the water, a tech suit’s main function is to work in harmony with a swimmer’s natural abilities to aid in creating movement and mobility. However, if a suit isn’t properly sized and eased on correctly, it could rip or tear.

To prevent damage to your suit, follow this handy step-by-step guide:

  1. Dry off. To begin, be sure that both you and your tech suit are completely dry.
  2. Trim your nails. Fingernails should also be trimmed to prevent the fabric from snagging.
  3. Flip the grippers. Start by slowly inserting one foot at a time. For men, you might need to flip over the waistband gripper prior to placing the foot. Next, flip up the leg grippers along the bottom seam of both legs. This will make your suit easier to slip on. Raise the tech suit by pulling up, stopping just below the knee. Repeat on the second leg. Then pull each suit leg over the knee until both are even.
  4. Pull gently. Slowly keep pulling up on each side of the suit until the legs are fully covered. This process may take several minutes. At this point, excess fabric from the suit body should be sitting on top of the thighs.
  5. Tackle the hips. Once the legs of the suit are in place, it’s time to ease the suit over the hips and bottom. This too may take several attempts. For the men, congratulations—you’re almost done!
  6. Align the seams. After the suit has been pulled over each hip, take a moment to ensure that all seams align. Next, pull the center seams until they have been lifted as much as possible. They should be resting on the body. Men, adjust the draw cord inside the center front waist to your preference.
  7. Flip the grippers. Finally, flip each leg gripper down and move freely. Lift the legs to ensure the suit is in place. Male swimmers are ready to swim now!
  8. Keep going, female swimmers! Adjust the center seams until they’ve been lifted as much as possible. Once they’re resting on your body, you may begin pulling the suit over your torso. Continue to lift until it reaches your bust area.
  9. Insert your arms. With the suit resting just below the bust, place one arm into the armhole. When doing this you’ll need to lower and bend the arm to maneuver yourself into the suit. As a result of the suit’s compression, this may take some time. Be patient and repeat with the second arm.
  10. Adjust the seams. After the suit is entirely on, check that the center seams are lying flat against the body, the bust is securely in place, and all side seams are aligned.
  11. Flip the grippers. Finally, flip each leg gripper down and move freely. Lift your legs to ensure the suit is in place.

TYR Avictor

Born out of a collaboration between the industry’s top experts and the world’s most elite swimmers, the Avictor is TYR’s fastest, most innovative technical swimsuit. Showcasing an unprecedented combination of advanced features, this FINA-approved technical suit maximizes performance and gives athletes the ultimate advantage over their rivals.


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