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USMS is proud to provide handpicked coaches who will be writing workouts in seven different specialties and posting them in the USMS Discussion Forums.
Photo of Mark Johnston

Basic Training Workouts

If you're looking for variety in your daily or weekly workouts, Basic Training is for you! Each workout is different and focuses on one of a range of training sets, including sprinting, long-distance, IM, stroke, and everything in between. These workouts are adaptable to all ability levels. (Coach Mark Johnston, Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers)

Photo of Scott Hoftiezer

Triathlon Training Workouts

Calling all triathletes! Regardless of your ability level, these workouts are designed to help you become a stronger and faster swimmer with greater endurance. There are sets to help you navigate the pack and swim smarter in different tri distances, from sprint to Ironman. (Coach Scott Hoftiezer, Colorado Masters Swimming)

Photo of Loretta Race

High Intensity Workouts

Want to swim faster for shorter distances? Becoming a better sprinter means swimming fast in practice. Even if you're not competing, sprint workouts provide an amazing workout-they're the best bang for your buck if you're short on practice time. These fun workouts sometimes integrate dryland exercises. (Coach Loretta Race, Northern Kentucky Swordfish Masters)

Photo of Charlotte Brynn

Open Water Workouts

If you enjoy open water competition or solo or recreational swims, these pool workouts are for you! You'll build cardiovascular endurance, improve fitness, and develop the ability to swim longer distances at or a little below your anaerobic threshold. Workouts can be adapted for all ability levels. (Coach Charlotte Brynn, New England Masters)

Photo of Patrick Brundage

Stroke and IM Workouts

IMers are special-and they know that swimming all four strokes gives you the BEST overall body workout. Competitors: Get race-ready in all IM and 100s and 200s of your favorite stroke. Fitness swimmers: these workouts can be easily adapted to create a great workout or an opportunity to stretch out and practice all your strokes. (Coach Patrick Brundage, Brundage Swim Masters)

Photo of Katrina Caulfield

Expectant Mothers, New Mothers and Limited Mobility Workouts

Expecting a future swimmer? Digging the diaper routine but ready to dive back in the pool soon? Or maybe you've been sidelaned by injury and need a workout with some wiggle room for temporary or permanent mobility limitations. These workouts will help you maintain fitness and core strength through swimming. (Coach Katrina Caulfield, Wisconsin Masters Aquatic Club)

Photo of Fares Ksebati

High Volume Workouts

Animal-Lane denizens, this one's for you. These workouts are challenging for any level athlete and are designed to get swimmers race-ready for middle-distance events, including stroke 200s, 400 IM, and 500 freestyle (Coach Fares Ksebati, Michigan Masters)

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