Please join us in celebrating your coaches during Coach Appreciation Week May 2-8, 2022.

Let’s say “thank you” to the coaches …

  • Who open the gate before sunrise and lock up after dark
  • Who stand in the rain, sweat buckets in the heat, and fight frozen toes
  • Who plan workouts with you in mind
  • Who make travel plans, mobilize volunteers, and somehow know how to work the timing system, no matter how old or broken it is
  • Who motivate, cheerlead, and check in
  • Who never miss a race
  • Who never miss a birth, death, graduation, retirement, illness, injury, or promotion
  • Who always have your back

It's always a good time to recognize and acknowledge USMS coaches, but it’s especially important now. Your coaches are working hard behind the scenes to bring back Masters programming in ways that are safe, fun, and fulfilling for everyone. 

If you’d like to send your coach some extra love this Coaches Appreciation Week, here are some ideas to consider:

  • A card or email telling your coach how his/her instruction helped you accomplish a goal 
  • A gift card or certificate for a special treat
  • Flowers, candy, book, wine, or a surprise meal delivered from his/her favorite restaurant
  • Thank-you notes to your coach's partner, for selflessly sharing him/her with you on weekends, evenings, and early mornings
  • A letter to your facility’s management, thanking it for employing or contracting with such a great person (send your coach a copy)
  • Thank him/her on social media using our social shareables -- and be sure to tag USMS
  • Continue to pay your club dues if means are available

Thank you for supporting those who support you! Please share your coach appreciation stories with USMS's National Office. We love your coaches too!

Coach Appreciation Week Contest Winners

The following coaches have received prizes as part of our Coach Appreciation Week contest.

  • Kiley Ames (West Hollywood Aquatics) - FINIS hoodie
  • Nadine Ford (Evolution Masters) - TYR pullover
  • Molly Hoover (Joliet Blue Tides) - TYR polo
  • Allison LaField (Alamo Area Masters) - Colorado Timing Systems pace clock and TYR polo
  • Paul Landes (Big Sky Montana Masters) - TYR polo
  • Celia Wolff (HAWK Masters) - TYR polo