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McFarland Masters Swim Team (Age 18&Over)
Don’t let the term Masters swimmer fool you! It doesn’t imply elite swimmer, but instead means this is a group for adult swimmers age 18 and over. The McFarland Masters Swim Team (MCFM) works on technique and endurance within a team atmosphere. The team is a diverse and deep mix of former college athletes, current triathletes, and lifelong swimmers who are new to competing. Everyone can find a lane with a good fit. The team practices most Monday and Wednesday mornings from 5:15-6 a.m. Meets and events are optional, but always a good time! We also offer a Masters “Learn to Swim” group on most Fridays from 5:15-6 a.m. If you are new to swimming, please join us in this safe, fun, and friendly group of adult swimmers. We also work on technique, breathing, and building swim-specific strength. Everything can be adapted to best fit your skill and comfort level. Please join us!
Regular AOAC daily fees apply to each practice. Masters practices are included with your AOAC membership/pass. *To compete in official US Master swim meets/events you need a US Masters membership. Monthly Masters/TRX schedules are available at

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