West Hollywood Aquatics

West Hollywood Aquatics (WH2O) is a Masters swimming and water polo club based in West Hollywood, California. The club currently has a roster of over 200 athletes from around the Southern California area. The teams include athletes of all abilities ranging from ex-Olympians to beginners. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill, gender, race, sexual orientation, or disability.

Practice Information

West Hollywood Pool
Mon: 6a-7:15a, 7:15a-8:30a, 7p-8:30p
Tues: 7p-8:30p
Wed: 6a-7:15a, 7:15a-8:30a
Thurs: 7p-8:30p
Fri: 6a-7:15a, 7:15a-8:30a, 7p-8p

Echo Park Pool
Tues: 7a-8:30a
Thurs: 7a-8:30a

Sat: 9a-10:30a

Sun: 9a-10:30a

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Bryan Libit