Right Duff

Anne Duffy is an ALTS (Adult-Learn-to-Swim) instructor, as well as a U.S. Masters Level I & II- certified swim coach.
She specializes in working with beginner swimmer adults who may be very nervous in the water, yet want to begin swimming for health, fitness, being with their children, and many other goals. Anne is also a USA Triathlon Level I-certified coach and works with beginner & intermediate triathletes on improving their swim strokes. Other triathlon-swim-related skills addressed include endurance (air exchange and breathing) in the water, strength and speed, freestyle technique, and the open-water skills needed for the swimming portion of the triathlon.

Practice Information

Private lessons only.
Lessons arranged directly with coach.
Available times are at Arlington County pools in the early mornings (5:30-8:30am) weekdays, or on weekends.

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