Lakewood Dawgs

Join one of the area’s longest running masters (18 and up) teams for your next swim workout. Coaches will lead participants through workouts designed for all abilities and provide ongoing stroke feedback. Competitive swimming experience is not required, so set your alarm, grab your goggles and hit the pool.

Practice Information

Coached: Mon/Wed/Fri 5:15-6:30am, Sat 6:45-8am, T/Th 11:30-1p
Uncoached (workout guided) Mon/Wed/Fri 6:45-8am
Green Mountain Recreation Center; Short Course Meters
Coached: Tue/Thur 5:15-6:30am
Carmody Recreation Center; Long Course
First week free--please contact via email for access.
Must posses a City of Lakewood Masters pass to practice at Green Mountain. Drop ins welcome at Carmody. Purchase a Lakewood pass here:

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Tom Rosinski