Ensworth Aquatics Masters

Ensworth Aquatics Masters (ENSW) is a U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS)-registered team that promotes a healthy and fun approach to swimming for adults 18 years and older. Whether you are interested in training for competitive swim meets, looking to participate in open water swims or triathlons, or simply wanting to swim for fitness and learn proper technique, we welcome you to join us. Our swimmers are representative of significantly diverse ages, ability levels, and goals, so anyone wanting to swim onour team will find a comfortable place among us. Most importantly, we have a wonderful camaraderie as a team and enjoy our time together both in and out of the water. :)

Practice Information

MWF 5:45-7am, 8:15-9:30am; TTH 5:45-7am; T 7:30-8:45pm;
Sat 6:30-7:45am

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Chris McPherson