BNG Endurance

BNGEndurance is a TEAM of Athletes at all levels with open lines of communication that serves as a support system to become a better athlete.

"BNG athletes share a level of support and camaraderie that is very special. It doesn't matter what race level you're at, you're part of the pride."

We are an endurance team based out of Southeast Louisiana with athletes in California, Oregon, Mississippi, Texas, North Carolina, Kansas, Indiana, and Illinois. The team was established in April 2014. We participate in all endurance sports including Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathlon, Duathlon, Trail Running, and Ultra Running.

Official USAT Club
Ironman Tri Club
US Masters Swimming Club
USACycling Club

As a BNG Endurance athlete you will have multiple, national and local sponsors and have access to top of the line equipment and gear. You also have access to every athlete on the team at all skill levels.
We will see you at the races!


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Gregory Toscano