Burlington Area Sink or Swim (BASS)

Club Description

BASS is the all-inclusive, all-levels, all-awesome master's swim group for the greater Burlington Vermont area. Are you a new swimmer? A fitness swimmer? A competitive swimmer? A triathlete? No matter what area pool (or lake) you swim at, join BASS to know about all things swimming in and around Burlington. Members can use BASS to find places to swim, practice groups, workout partners--and for those who want to compete at New England meets and beyond--swim teammates. So whether you sink more than you swim, or swim more than you sink, join BASS!!

Workout Info

Variety of practice times at multiple facilities - please email or call workout group contact for details, or visit BASS Facebook page.

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The EDGE - South Burlington (Eastwood Drive)

75 Eastwood Drive

South Burlington, VT 5403

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Duncan Adamson


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