U.S. Masters Swimming has partnered with Swim.com, a leader in the swim tracking space, to provide enhanced benefits to our members and clubs. Read about the member benefits and linking process.

Here are some of the benefits provided for free to any registered club or workout group:

  • All registered USMS clubs listed on Club Finder will automatically appear on the Swim.com platform (if you do not want to appear on Club Finder, you will not appear on Swim.com)
  • All registered USMS clubs get a USMS badge visible during Swim.com club searches
  • Certain club information will be automatically pulled from Club Finder so the club contact doesn't have to update the information in two places
    • Club name
    • Basic club details
    • Practice information 
    • Location
    • Certified coach badge
    • Certified ALTS Instructor badge
    • Gold Club badge
    • Whether they participate in virtual events
    • Whether they participate in Try Masters Swimming
    • Whether they offer a free trial membership
  • Users will be able to search and sort by only USMS clubs
  • A club activity feed
  • Numerous club leaderboards and challenges


Here are some of the next steps you can take related to your club on Swim.com

  1. How to claim your new USMS-branded club on Swim.com 
  2. What to do if you already had a club on Swim.com
  3. How to update or remove your club on Swim.com


How to claim your new USMS-branded club on Swim.com

To take ownership of your club on Swim.com, here are the steps:

  1. Create a Swim.com account or log in if you already have one
  2. Click on the “Clubs” section
  3. Search for your club (using the club name you have on usms.org)
  4. Click on your club
  5. Click the “Claim” button

If you successfully took ownership of the club, you'll see it in your dashboard and you'll be able to edit the eligible club information on the club detail page. For the information sent over from USMS, you will need to go to your Club Dashboard to make edits. 

What to Do If You Already Had a Club on Swim.com

If you already own a club on Swim.com, you can request this club be merged with your new USMS-branded club by following these steps (for desktop only):

  1. Log in to Swim.com
  2. Click on the dashboard of your Swim.com account
  3. Navigate to the "clubs" section of your dashboard
  4. Click on the club you would like merged with your USMS-branded club
  5. Click “Flag Club” in the left-hand navigation
  6. Choose "Duplicate Club" in the Flag Club menu (Optional: Please enter the name of the club you wish to merge this club with if the names of the clubs are not identical)
  7. Swim.com support will notify you when the clubs have been merged
  8. Search for Your Club

Note: If there is a club on Swim.com that doesn't have USMS branding and has your club's same name but you don't have access to it, you can flag that club as well and work with Swim.com to potentially merge or delete it. To do this, follow the steps in the "What to do if you already had a club on Swim.com" section of this email.

How to update or remove your club from Swim.com

You can update any of the club details for Swim.com in your USMS club dashboard. (Note: it may take a few days for the changes to be reflected)

You can remove your club permanently from Swim.com by taking ownership (see that section above) and then flagging the club. Once the club is flagged, you will provide details that you want to delete it from Swim.com. If there are any members on your club in Swim.com, it will delete all their interactions with the club, which is why there is a flagging process as opposed to just deleting it. Once the members have been sorted out, the club will be deleted. 

We're excited to partner with Swim.com and provide our USMS clubs with some additional exposure and benefits. The more swimmers on your club that input their swims or connect their watch to Swim.com, the more fun and engaging your club will be on the platform.