Now that you have created your My USMS account, you can be listed as a club contact or a coach/instructor with a club.

If you are a club contact

Please tell the current club contact that your account set up is complete. They will then submit the club for approval. Once approved, you will receive an emailing indicating that you are now the club contact and administrator for the club on Another email will be sent to the previous club contact and anyone else with permissions to update your club that their permissions have been removed. This means you are the sole person who will receive communications from USMS and potential members about the club.  

Once you receive that email, you should log in to the Club Dashboard and make yourself familiar with all of the club details and then make any necessary updates to your club. Many of these details will appear on Club Finder and help potential members find your club.

If you are a coach or instructor

You are now officially listed in the club's information as a coach or instructor.


NOTE: Your My USMS access will be limited to club-related activities and you will not have full USMS membership benefit access.