LMSC Registrars

  1. A member must wait 60 days after competing for one club before affiliating with a new club, except at the time of annual renewal. Transfer fees do not apply to members who change club affiliation at the time of renewal. (See Article 201.3.5 of the USMS Rule Book.)

  2. A member must complete an Application for Transfer of Club Membership form (available in the Guide to Operations online) and submit it to the registrar of the LMSC in which the new club is located (it may be the same LMSC).

  3. This tutorial explains how to enter a transfer in the ESTHER registration software:
  4. If a member registers in your LMSC but makes a mistake when registering and selects the wrong club in your LMSC, you may correct the member’s club affiliation by editing it in the member’s record. (Note: you may only perform this correction for clubs located in your LMSC. If the member registered in the wrong LMSC, contact the National Office.)

  5. Transfers may not be entered with an effective date that is in the future. This is because transfers are dependent upon the member having not competed for his current club during the past 60 days.

  6. If a member of your LMSC transfers to a different LMSC, you will receive an automated email message to inform you of the transfer. Printed membership reports for your LMSC will no longer include the member who has transferred out of your LMSC. But the registration database will contain a transfer transaction in the member’s record, including the date of transfer.

  7. The registration software reports will include the appropriate transfer transactions and fees for payment to the national office.

Member FAQs

Q1: I have moved to a different LMSC; how do I change my USMS club affiliation?

A1: You will need to transfer to your new LMSC and club. Start by contacting the LMSC registrar for your new LMSC. Your registrar can send you a transfer form. Fill it out and mail it to your registrar along with the transfer fee listed on the form. A list of registrars is available here: 

Q2: How do I find a transfer form?

A2: Contact the LMSC registrar for the LMSC you wish to transfer into. A list of registrars is available here:

You may also be able to find a transfer form on your new LMSC’s web site. To find your LMSC’s web site, go to our Local Programs page and then select the LMSC from the map.

Q3: I registered as unaffiliated with a program (club designation UCxx) because I did not swim with a program at that time.  I have now found a program to swim with. How do I transfer to that club?

A3:  Contact your LMSC registrar.

Q4: Today is March 8 and I am a member of Club ABC. I swam in a meet yesterday, representing Club ABC. I want to swim in a meet in May but I want to represent my friend’s club, XYZ. How do I do that?

A4: Because you swam in a meet representing Club ABC on March 7, you won’t be eligible to transfer to Club XYZ until May 7. Sometime before May 7 you’ll need to complete a transfer form and send it, with any applicable transfer fee, to the registrar of LMSC where club XYZ is registered. Note that you should not swim in any meets now with your old club.  If you intend to swim in any meets before May 7, it should be as unaffiliated.

Q5: Today is June 5 and I am a member of Club PQR. I want to swim in the USMS Summer Nationals meet, which begins on August 9, but I want to represent my friend’s club, FGH. The entry deadline for the meet is July 4. I can’t transfer to club FGH by July 4 because I swam in a meet on June 1 where I represented Club PQR. How can I enter Nationals and swim for club FGH?

A5: As long as the effective transfer date is before the first day of the USMS Summer Nationals meet, enter with club FGH.  Initially, your entry will appear on the “unverified list” (because your entry does not match with what is listed in your member record).  Once the transfer has been processed, your entry will be verified. Note that you should not swim in any meets now with your old club.  If you intend to swim in any meets before Summer Nationals, it should be as unaffiliated.

Q6: I am currently a member of Club JKL and I swam in a meet yesterday representing that club. I want to transfer to Club DEF a couple of months from now, but I want to swim in some meets during my 60-day waiting period. How can I do that?

A6: So that you do not jeopardize the 60 day waiting period, it is highly recommended that you contact your LMSC registrar and have them update your member record to UCxx (Unaffiliated with a program).  If for whatever reason you do not do not have your member record updated (meaning it is still showing your club as JKL), you must enter any meet during the 60 day waiting period as Unaffiliated (UCxx) and be sure that the meet results also show your club affiliation as Unaffiliated (UCxx, sometimes abbreviated in meet software as UNAT).

Q7: Today is November 10, 2014, and I am a member of Club BCD. My 2014 membership runs through December 31, 2014. For 2015 I want to register with Club QRS. Can I go ahead and renew my 2015 USMS membership now, joining QRS, but still represent Club BCD at a meet in December under my 2014 membership?

A7: No. Per Article 201.3.1, “There shall be only one USMS membership per individual permitted at any time.” If you renew for 2015 between November 1st and December 31st 2014 with club QRS, your 2015 membership and club affiliation is with club QRS from that date forward.

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