Legislation Committee Details
Name: Legislation Committee
Description: From section 507.1.6 of the rule book:

The Legislation Committee may initiate and shall receive, consider, and report proposed amendments with the committee’s recommendations at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates, in accordance with the provisions of Part 6, which includes proposed changes to: Code of Regulations, Organizing Principles, Glossary, Part 2: Administrative Regulations of Competition, Part 4: Participation, Article 507.1 5 2021 U.S. Masters Swimming Rule Book Page 101 Conduct, Hearings, and Appeals, Part 5: United States Masters Swimming Inc.: Organization and Bylaws, and Part 6: Amendment Procedures. When necessary, the committee shall interpret and render opinions regarding any provision of the rules and regulations of USMS within the committee’s jurisdiction as defined in article 601.1. The committee shall consist of the committee chair and sufficient members to execute the committee function, with at least one member from each zone, not to exceed 16 additional members. The Rules Committee chair shall be an ex officio member of the committee.

Chair: Charles Cockrell [email]
Vice Chair: Stephanie Gauzens
Members: See Appendix E (PDF) of the USMS Rule Book