USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award


Recipient: Dr. Paul Hutinger
Year: 2008
LMSC: Florida

Paul was one of the original pioneers of Masters swimming. He competed in eight of the ten Masters meets held in 1971. He was an age group and college swim coach, and a professor in exercise physiology at Western Illinois University. He quickly saw a need for a publication that would communicate training ideas for this new fitness and competitive program for enthusiastic adults, 25 and older. From 1974-1980, and while at WIU, Hutinger wrote and published “Lane 4”, a Masters quarterly swim journal with over 400 national and international subscribers.

In 1976 he distributed his “Masters Swimming Log and Guide”, which was intended to emphasize the importance of a regular swim training program and included space for daily and weekly yardage, national records, physiological measurements, pace times, etc.  Fast forward 30+ years and Paul was still writing about health and Masters Swimming. Retired and living in Florida, he regularly wrote two columns in his club’s bimonthly “Maverick Lane Lines” newsletter and also contributed an “Ask the Swimming Doctor” column for the Florida LMSC newsletter.