USMS Award Recipient

U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

Recipient: Alana Aubin
Year: 2019
LMSC: New England

Alana served as the Communications Chair for both New England Masters Swim Club and the New England LMSC. She played a critical role by streamlining and improving the NEM website. She also built and maintained the new LMSC website at and managed its Instagram and Twitter accounts. She expanded the email newsletter to contain more content and published it separately. Alana built a small stable of contributors to assist her, as well as to expand the reach for the entire swimming community.

A selfless volunteer, Alana gave innumerable hours to the club and LMSC to revamp the websites and update social media tools. Her enthusiasm for the sport was contagious and she was committed to expanding the reach and scope of all communications. She responded to messages quickly, updated the media materials frequently, captured the personal connections, and created a beautiful swimming community through multiple platforms. Alana changed the face of the New England LMSC swimming and created an access that provided value and insight while maintaining the integrity of programs.