2008 Go The Distance (GTD) Results
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2008 Final Results

Oh my - what a year it has been! The U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Event "Go the Distance" (GTD) is now in the books with a record 631 participants (344 women and 287 men)!

The total distance swum by all participants is a whopping 171,837.78 miles! Our group average was an amazing 272.33 miles.

The most miles swum in 2008 were by Carrie Kostopulos-Doebler (35-39) with 2000.32 miles and Ray Cottom (60-64) who swam 1564.05 miles.

Our youngest participants are 20 years old (Landon, Thomas and Sean) and our most mature swimmers are Brud and Gertrud who are both 91! The age group with the most participants was the 45-49 (113) year olds but the folks in the 50-54 years old age group swam the most miles!

The Colonies zone had nearly twice as many swimmers as any other zone. And not too surprisingly, they swam the most miles!

The final breakdown of how many participants achieved each of the GTD distance Milestones is:

 Milestone Total Achieved
 50 miles
 588  5
 100 miles
 537  16
 150 miles
 458  20
 200 miles
 375  40
 250 miles
 292  31
 300 miles
 227  41
 365.25 miles  149  29
 400 miles  118  29
 500 miles
 69  15
 750 miles
 22  5
 1000 miles
 5  0
 1250 miles
 3  0
 1500 miles
 2  1

A hearty congratulations to all of you who achieved one or more GTD Distance Milestones!

To all GTD 2008 participants - thank you so much for "going the distance" in 2008. For those of you who are still thinking about participating – it’s time to join the fun! Let’s see how far we can all swim in GTD 2009!

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