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4,286 USMS Members swim more than 1.5 BILLION yards in 2014

The annual GTD program has become one of the most popular events offered by USMS. More than 4,200 members participated in this fitness event in 2014, logging more than 1.5 billion yards for the year (more than 850,000 miles). What’s next?

Go the Distance in 2015

GTD is a self-directed program intended to encourage Masters swimmers to regularly exercise and track their progress. There’s no time limit for the distance milestones, except that they must be achieved in the calendar year. Speed doesn’t count—just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself.

GTD is on the honor system—you track the distance you swim. Daily, weekly, or monthly, enter that information into your online Fitness Log (FLOG). When you achieve certain milestones, you’ll be recognized on the U.S. Masters Swimming website and have the opportunity to purchase GTD awards that note the milestones you achieved.

There’s no cost to enter GTD. You can register through your FLOG in the My USMS section of the website. Your FLOG allows you to track all your fitness activities—such as running, biking, weight training, and yoga—while participating in GTD. Track your weekly, monthly and annual totals online. Once you've entered GTD, your results are automatically included in the daily summary reports, and the link to purchase your milestone awards will appear on your FLOG when you reach the various milestones.

Enter Go The Distance Now!

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for setting up your FLOG and entering GTD

Awards and Merchandise

All American Swim Supply will be offering the milestone awards and the GTD t-shirts for sale on their site. Please read the award notes below for important procedures governing the award program

Milestone Milestone Awards Available for Purchase
50 miles  GTD 50 mile swim cap
100 miles  GTD 100 mile swim cap
150 miles  
200 miles  
250 miles  GTD 250 mile swim cap
300 miles  
365.25 miles
(average mile a day)
400 miles  
500 miles GTD 500 mile swim cap
750 miles  
1000 miles GTD 1000 mile swim cap 
1250 miles  
1500 miles  

Award Notes

  • You must be a current USMS member to participate in the GTD program.
  • There will be no free awards automatically sent to you for the 2015 GTD program. You will be able to purchase a milestone award once you hit any of the milestone award numbers on the chart above.
  • If you have reached any awards milestone, click on the awards graphic on the top left side of your FLOG to see which milestone awards you are able to purchase. When you’ve reached any milestone award, a notification will appear in your FLOG. Just follow that link to your milestone award page. From this page, you will be able to go to a specific milestone page on the All-American Swim Supply website and order your milestone award there..
  • The GTD Program ends on December 31. You must have logged all your miles in your FLOG by January 10 in order to receive any of the awards.
  • All questions or concerns about the GTD Program need to be sent by March 10 for the preceding year.

Go The Distance T-ShirtOfficial Go The Distance t-shirts can also be ordered from All American Swim Supply. Check off your milestone achievements on your t-shirt throughout the year as you swim through them.





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For more information, please contact the GTD support team at gtd@usms.org

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