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Meets with results6,506170166
Total meet participants596,2996,4969,388
Unique USMS member participants88,2723,9646,488
Splashes (swims in meets)2,598,92427,82538,540
Splits recorded7,182,91776,008101,667

Latest Meets Added to Database

Date AddedLMSCCourseMeet DateMeet
Sep 23FLLCMSep 11, 2021Dog Days LCM Masters Swim Meet
Sep 17NJSCYSep 11-12, 20212021 NJ Senior Games
Sep 17GASCYSep 11, 202120th Annual SouthSide Pentathlon Swim Meet
Sep 14LELCMAug 28, 20212021 End of Summer Spectacular LCM Swim Meet
Sep 14MISCYJun 26, 2021Meijer State Games of Michigan Masters
Sep 12STSCYSep 12, 20212021 Texas Senior Games
Sep 12FLSCYSep 12, 202120th Annual Gainesville Senior Games

Recent Meets With Missing Uploaded Results

Meet DateLMSCCourseMeet
Sep 19, 2021MISCM2021 Summer Sendoff SCM Swim Meet
Sep 19, 2021NTLCMPAMS Fall Long Course Meet
Sep 19, 2021GALCMRainbow Trout Fall Splash Invitational
Sep 12, 2021PCSCM17th Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Meet
Sep 12, 2021OKLCM2021 Oklahoma Senior Games Swim Competition
Sep 11, 2021INSCYSummer Splash Invitational
Aug 14, 2021OKLCM2021 TMSC Oklahoma Memorial State Championship
Aug 8, 2021IALCM2021 DSMY Masters LCM Invitational
Jul 31 - Aug 1, 2021NESCY2021 Bay State Games Swimming
Jun 26-27, 2021SRSCMElko High Altitude Swim Meet
Jun 26, 2021NDLCM2021 Bill Siders Invitational
Jun 19-20, 2021NCSCY2021 Bodyarmor State Games
Jun 12-13, 2021OZSCY2021 Show-Me State Games
May 22, 2021NDLCM2021 Take Your Mark Invitational