Encouraging More Adults to Swim
2012 USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

  Doug ChurchPresented by President Nadine Day:

As part of the leadership of U.S. Masters Swimming, one of the most important responsibilities is to recognize the service accomplishments of our members. Today we will be awarding our most prestigious award, the Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award to Douglas Church.

Ransom Arthur was the founding father of U.S. Masters Swimming. His vision for promoting adult health through fitness and competition was revolutionary in 1970. He created a stage upon which adults could gather, compete, have fun and support each other in the lifelong pursuit of fitness goals through training. Today, fitness has become a normal part of everyday life for millions of adults. This was not so in 1970 when 46 athletes gathered in Amarillo, Texas for the first Masters Short Course National Championship. Forty-two years ago Ransom had a passion and a vision. Today, our 55,000 members are the result of that vision and the torchbearers of his passion.

It is with great pleasure that U.S. Masters Swimming recognizes this year's Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient, Doug Church. Doug is a swimming advocate and is dedicated to the USMS vision and strategic plan.

Over the years Doug's contributions to USMS have been many. On the national level, Doug has volunteered as USMS Legal Counsel, USMS Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, he served as the chair of the Endowment Fund for over a decade and is the current Swimming Saves Lives Foundation Chair. He was also the co-meet director for the 1998 and 2000 USMS Short Course National Championships.

Doug has been instrumental in saving and building swimming programs. He established "Friends of Central Pool," a not for profit foundation that saved a pool from demolition. This facility, known as the Forest Park Aquatic Center now serves over 50,000 community citizens each year. He was also instrumental in developing and building the Fishers YMCA, which is the largest YMCA in Indiana. Doug was the founder and coach of Noblesville Adult Swim Team (NASTI), which through his energy and motivation, has grown its numbers to over 150 registered USMS swimmers.

One of Doug's quotes epitomizes his dedication to USMS: "some people play golf and some people fish; I volunteer." Doug has been a tireless volunteer for US Masters Swimming as shown by these few examples and more. We are proud to give him the much-deserved recognition as the 2012 Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient.

Recipients of The Speedo/U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year Award

  Stuart KahnStu Coaches Davis Aquatic Masters in Northern California. DAM is the largest Masters club in USMS.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

  Jim BarberJim Barber has been a USMS member since the early ‘80s. He took over the chairmanship of the LMSC two years ago for his second term as chairman. He has also served as vice chairman of the LMSC. Under his stewardship, the LMSC has grown in membership and LMSC membership retention is one of the highest in the country. While leadership in the past has been good, Jim has raised the bar and the Greater Indiana Masters LMSC now exceeds the minimum USMS standards for LMSC's. His belief in coaches’ education prompted him to organize and host a USMS Coach Certification program in Indianapolis. Thirty coaches attended and became certified. Jim as an avid open water swimmer who has completws the English Channel, Catalina Channel, and around Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, which together constitute to prestigious Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming. His open water enthusiasm has created growth in open water for swimmers and triathletes in the landlocked state of Indiana.
  Marianne BradleyMarianne Bradley was registrar and treasurer for CAT (Clearwater Aquatics) Masters from 2000 until 2005, and continues this roll for SUN Masters from 2005 to the present. For over six years, she has been the glue that holds the team together. She has been the keeper of all the party favors as well as the “hostess with the most-est” and has guided the team through many difficult periods. Her “red hat” has been her trademark at the Valentine’s Meet for 10 years. She juggled the treasurer responsibilities, check-in, and friendly greeting to all fellow Masters swimmers, and was co-director of the meet in 2009 and 2010. She continued to help the City of Clearwater run the meet in 2011 and 2012. Marianne is an All-American relay and USMS Top 10 swimmer She took over as registrar and treasurer for the Florida Aquatic Combined Team in 2006. Since 2005, Marianne has served as a representative to the LMSC meetings for SUN and FACT, and attended the USMS conventions in 2007 though 2009 and 2011. She served on the USMS Recognition and Awards Committee for a year. She currently serves as the Social and Awards Chairman for the Florida LMSC and is in charge of the Annual Florida LMSC Awards Banquet, making sure that everything is in order from awards to the dinner. We're sure those of you attending Convention last year in Jacksonville remember the dawn to dusk volunteers organized by Marianne, who herded the groups in the right direction and had you all in line (up to a point).
  Bob BruceBob Bruce has made many contributions as a member of the Oregon LMSC Board of Directors Long Distance Chair (currently) and Coaches Chair, as well as his committee work on the USMS Open Water and Long Distance Committees (currently) and past work on the Coaches and Fitness Committees. Bob moved into the Oregon LMSC when the Masters swimming program in central Oregon was a very small group. As he assumed the aquatics position at the Juniper Aquatic Center, he worked at developing the Masters program in that community. He assisted with providing more pool time for Masters Swimming, regularly coached workouts, and increased enthusiasm for Masters Swimming. As a result, the team has grown dramatically in size and participation in Masters events. As a coach, Bob has shared his knowledge with his own local swimmers, other Masters coaches, and Masters swimmers within the LMSC. He has willingly devoted time to swim clinics associated with meets, and provided opportunities for swimmers to attend a high-level two-day clinic. He has coached several nationally ranked swimmers and a USMS world record holder. Bob is very active in the Oregon Long Distance/Open Water program and has been key in assisting with the development of a comprehensive schedule of events for the Oregon LMSC each summer season. He coordinates the program, revises policies, tracks equipment, and provides support and enthusiasm for each event director. His most recent goal was to bring the first cable course to the West Coast and he accomplished this at Foster Lake in Oregon. Bob’s encouragement has attracted new swimmers and new groups to enter the open water arena. As the Oregon LMSC has increased its participation in long distance postal events, mostly due to Bob’s continued encouragement, Bob has coordinated relay entries. His contributions have contributed to Oregon making a mark on the record books. Bob serves at many local meets as Host Coach, assisting swimmers who desire help with starts, stroke, feedback, etc. He has also served as the Oregon coach at several national championships, coordinating relays, and supporting swimmers in any way necessary. Bob has been active at the national level for many years and has been a contributing participant in all committees on which he has served. He has provided insight and ideas on ways to make swimming beneficial and fun for all Masters swimmers. Bob has made significant contributions to our sport and is a deserving recipient of this service award.
  Chris CampbellAbout 7 years ago, tragedy struck the Mountain View Masters club when their coach, Allan Liu, lost his life in a biking accident. As is so often the case with USMS clubs, the team was a reflection of Allan’s personality and his loss put the club in jeopardy. Chris Campbell had been an assistant coach for 5 years, and despite the demands of a full-time job, he was one of the people who stepped in to keep the club going. Along with a few others, Chris has helped the team emerge from the tragedy and transition into a stronger, professionally structured organization able to withstand the changes in leadership and coaches who are inevitable in any club. With his help and leadership, MVM hosts the annual Allan Liu Short Course Meters Meet. The meet is a popular and well-run event on the Pacific Masters calendar. Several years ago when Kerry O’Brien realized it was time to turn the Pacific Masters Coaches Committee to a new generation of leaders, he asked Chris to replace him. Kerry’s judgment was inspired. As coaches chair, Chris was a passionate advocate for coaches and their importance to the USMS mission. Even after he stepped down as coaches chair, Chris continued his efforts to support PacMasters coaches. He continues to serve on the committee and frequently leads the Coach of the Year selection committee. This fall, he and MVM will host the first USMS Coach Certification clinic offered in the Pacific LMSC. In addition to service to his Club and the LMSC, Chris has, for many years, been a member of the USMS Coaches Committee and the House of Delegates. As a coach, a club leader, a Pacific Masters Board Member, and a USMS House of Delegates and committee member, Chris is a boon to not only his team, but Masters Swimming as a whole.
  Jim ClemmonsUSMS has many great volunteers and a number of elite athletes. Jim Clemmons is one of the few who is both. Within his club, he serves on the Pacific Masters Board and at the national level, Jim works tirelessly to ensure members have a positive Masters Swimming experience. At the start of most meets, you will see Jim arrive early and leave late to set up and take down his club’s pop-up tents. When his club’s coach is unable to make it to a meet, you'll see Jim huddled in a chair filling out relay cards to make sure his teammates have the opportunity to compete together. As fierce a competitor as he is, Jim is also focused on providing a good experience for his Manatee teammates. As one of Pacific Masters Vice Chairs, Jim’s wisdom and leadership are essential to the smooth operation of the LMSC. In my role as the organization’s Chairman, I turn to Jim first for advice on difficult and challenging issues. For several years he has either led or participated in the Compensation and Evaluation Committee and Coach of the Year selection committee. Jim will also take on the smaller, less glamorous jobs, like bringing dinner to the board meeting or staying to clean up afterwards. We make better decisions and function better as a board because of Jim. This is a benefit to every member of Pacific Masters. Jim’s service on the USMS Board of Directors by itself might justify his receiving the award. He has also served on the USMS Coaches (2006 to 2008), Finance (2008 to 2009) and Championship (2009 to present) Committees.
  Brian CohnMinnesota LMSC
  Jill GellatlyJill Gellatly has worked at all levels of the Gulf LMSC. She served as LMSC Secretary (2006 to 2010) and President (2011 to present). In her roles with the Gulf LMSC, she has brought new ideas, which have fostered growth and involvement. She is also a strong advocate of spending Gulf LMSC funds to support our members and coaches. At the national level, Jill has been very active since 2006 in a variety of roles. Because of her accounting background, she is active on the Finance Committee and serves as Chair of the Audit Committee. In addition, she has served on the Long Distance Committee, the Championship Committee, the Strategic Task Force, and is currently Chair of the Membership Product Task Force. Finally, she has served as the South Central Zone Chair for the last four years. Jill is not the kind of individual who asks for, nor expects recognition. But she is certainly one who is deserving of the USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award.
  Brian HolthusPrior to Brian Holthus' involvement, the Minnesota LMSC had no organized board members, meetings, or communication to members. Brian laid the path for others to follow in structuring and conducting a Minnesota Masters Swim Board and a Mission Statement. With his leadership and support the Minn. LMSC has expanded to provide monthly community events, a web page, clinics, a monthly newsletter, and team apparel. Three years ago, Brian Holthus took over the treasurer’s position for Minnesota Masters. A year later, he took the vice president’s position, and last year he served as president. He greatly organized the treasurer’s position. As a Board member, he recruited a group of volunteers and delegated tasks, and came up with documented board meeting procedures and a mission statement. Then, working with the board members who all shared his vision, he tried to find ways to better serve its members. The Minn. LMSC began to brainstorm fun and creative ideas, and to lay out goals for their group. As Minnesota LMSC president, Brian provides professional and valued input into how the LMSC can better service and satisfy their members. With his leadership and support, the MN LMSC has expanded to provide monthly community events, a newly updated web page, good communication to members, clinics, and team apparel. His ideas reflect his love of swimming and his desire to give back. For the past three years, Brian has been meet director of many Minnesota swim meets. Brian is a valued team member of the Minnesota LMSC board, and he supports and competes in Masters Swimming at the LMSC and national level.
  Susan KirkBy Ed Tsuzuki: Susan Kirk is a tireless volunteer for USMS both at the local and national level. She has been involved as a local (board level) volunteer since 2004 and has served as the chair since 2009 (also serving as the secretary since 2005). As the NJ chair, she has been instrumental in developing the NJ Continuous Membership Recognition Program, which recognizes continuous USMS membership at 5-year increments with gifts at the annual NJ LMSC banquet. New Jersey’s membership and retention rates have grown significantly under her leadership. At a national level, she is extremely active on the Long Distance Committee, as she oversees all 11 Open Water and Long Distance National Championships with Ann Svenson. Susan is also the co-lead for the 1-Hour Postal National Championship—the largest USMS National Championship of any kind—pool or open water—with over 2,500 participants. Each year, she is the lead liaison for an Open Water National Championship ranging in distances from 1-mile to 10K and worked closely with Club Assistant on the development of the customized online entry system for the Postal National Championships. She also serves, with the LDC Chair and Vice Chair, on the General Oversight Sub-Committee of the Long Distance Committee and as the lead for the OW and Postal National Championship Bid Selection subcommittee.
  George Mc VeyIn the early 1970's, George McVey started getting involved in competitive swimming because his five daughters had taken up the sport. Never one to sit in the stands, George immediately became a certified official and started officiating at age group swim meets. In 1975, Tom Ralph (his daughters’ swim coach) encouraged George to attend a Masters swim meet hosted by East Coast Masters in Princeton, New Jersey. George was a natural breaststroker and competitive swimming was now in his blood. George then started training in Rochester, N.Y.-area pools and spearheaded an organizational meeting of adult swimmers and interested coaches for adult swimmers in 1978. Thanks to George's drive and enthusiasm, Niagara District Masters Swimming was born! Considered to be the founding father of Niagara Masters Swimming, George has served as our longest-elected registrar and officials chair as well as chairman, vice-chairman, and top 10 recorder for our LMSC. He has attended more than 10 national USMS conventions and served on registrar and officials national committees. Having held almost every post in the Niagara LMSC over the past 40 years, there is no doubt that George's hard work, dedication, and efforts have made our LMSC what it is today. He single-handedly wrote all of the editions in the first 10 years of the Niagara Masters newsletter. Even as a spry 70-year-old, he was on the cutting edge of electronic technology, forcing everyone on our board to get an email address for communication purposes. George joined the RAMS (Rochester Area Master Swimming) in the early ‘90s and hosted the team's first banquet at his home. He is quite the guy! George has been a figure in local swimming for over 40 years and continues to officiate at swim meets for both USMS and USA Swimming. He just recently resigned his 30-year position as Niagara LMSC officials chairman at age 85. George has not only been a dedicated official at USMS swim meets but he has also served as meet director many times. In the prestigious Empire State Games (NYS Long Course Summer Masters Championship Meet), George started out as a participant in the late ‘70s. When the Masters portion of the ESG’s were on the verge of being eliminated because of financial concerns, George stepped up and volunteered to be the meet director and organizer for ESG Masters Swimming. He saved this event and kept it running for over 10 years. In 1988 and 1994, Niagara LMSC hosted the USMS Summer Nationals in Buffalo, N.Y. George served as co-meet director. He was instrumental in receiving the bid as well as working tirelessly day in and day out for over a year to assure a successful meet. George (along with co-meet director Gene Donner) was awarded the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award in 1994. He was also the meet director for a national open water swim in Lake Ontario in the early ‘80s. Locally, George was awarded the John B. Skehan Award, our LMSC's top volunteer recognition, in 1987. As well as being a fantastic volunteer, George is also an accomplished swimmer, earning All-American long distance honors in 1988 and 1991, as well as 45 individual Top 10 Achievements from 1978 (age 50) to 2010 (age 83). The swimming pool is not the only place that George has put his passion into work; as a dentist, he spent his life repairing smiles. Retired from dentistry in 1991, George has been on the board of directors for the St. Joseph House of Hospitality for Homeless Men. He volunteers to assure that our local homeless are well fed and have a place to sleep, especially during the cold Rochester winters.
  Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell has been working with Southern Pacific Masters Swimming since 1987. He has worked tirelessly to bring a high level of professionalism to the job of the officials and he has also worked to bring technology to the pool deck. For the past three years, Robert has been a driving force behind the development of SwimPhone, a free Smartphone and web-available app which allows swimmers to see psych sheets, check in for their events, and see live results and graphs of their performances. Most recently, he wrote legislation to set LMSC standards for pool meet staffing, again bringing up the level of service the LMSC provides. At the national level, Robert has been an active and vocal member of the Officials Committee since 1997. Every competitive swimmer has benefited from the developments Robert has championed, whether from adopting a policy for the officials or a standard in the submission of results. Likewise any swimmer who has been able to use SwimPhone to see psych sheets, check-in for their event, or see their results instantly, can thank Robert for what may be his greatest contribution to Masters Swimming.
  Debbie Morrin-NordlundOn the national level, Debra Morrin-Nordlund has been an active participant since her first convention in 1993, and she hasn't missed a convention since. She started by serving on the Marketing Committee from 1994-2002, and serving as Chairman from 1997-2001. She also served on the Planning Committee from 2002-2007, and on the Structure & Governance project from 2003-2005. In 2006 she joined the Legislation Committee and now serves as the Vice Chair. Deb was a member of the Zone Committee from 2004 until it was disbanded in 2009. In 2006, 2007, and 2009 she was the Election Chair, and counted the votes in our national convention elections—including the ties. During the House of Delegates, she still finds time to claim chairs for our delegation, and she always reserves the best table up front for our LMSC at the convention banquet. More locally, she served as the Colonies Zone Chairman, 2004-2011, and is now the Vice-Chair. During this time, she was instrumental in working with the national organization to help put Connecticut LMSC—the very first LMSC that Dot Donnelly served—back on its feet. During her tenure, she also worked to upgrade services to the Colonies Zone by arranging for better web site communications and by greatly expanding zone communications and coordination between the LMSC representatives. In the Potomac Valley LMSC, Deb wore many hats. She started as Awards Chair from 1993 to 1995, Top Ten Chair from 1995 to 1997, and served as Chairman from 1998 to 2001, then Secretary from 2002 to 2005, and Chairman again from 2006 to 2009. She is presently the Sanctions Chairman. During her time as Chairman, she oversaw the Potomac Valley LMSC population growth from 1,536 in 1998 to 2,578 in 2009 when she eventually left that position, a 68% increase. If this was not enough, Deb is still active in her club’s administration. You can often see her helping out at meet check-in, handing out awards, or back-up timing when Terrapin Masters is hosting meets, often in between the events she is swimming. Debra has been a quiet leader serving U.S. Masters Swimming for over two decades. Her steadfast, hard-working, tireless efforts have advanced Masters Swimming as evidenced by two decades of service at the national level, growth in membership realized under her leadership in the Potomac Valley LMSC, and improved communications and coordination in the Colonies Zone.
  Lori PayneLori Payne has tirelessly served U.S. Masters Swimming at the National, Zone, LMSC, and Club level for many years. Her offices held include Breadbasket Zone Chair, Ozark LMSC Chair, Ozark LMSC Awards Chair, and St Louis Area Masters Facilities Chair. She also served on the USMS Ad Hoc Committee on LMSC Minimum Standards. She has been responsible for securing facilities for meets and workouts, most recently successfully securing an alternate venue for the 2012 Breadbasket Zone Championship when a last minute conflict surfaced, blocking our original facility reservation. She has been able to secure facilities for our use at much lower costs than other groups must pay. She has also obtained timing system operators and meet officials. She has attended several USMS Conventions as an Ozark delegate and always submitted her convention reports in a timely fashion to communicate her experience to the members of our LMSC. Lori has been willing to work on behalf of her LMSC and her Club when few others were willing or able to help. She is a definite asset to our organization. During the many years that Lori has been active in Masters Swimming she has achieved a number of Ozark LMSC records. She has attended several USMS National Championship meets and has placed well in several events. From 1993 until 2009 she placed in the Top 10 in multiple events. The Ozark LMSC Congratulates Lori Payne on receiving the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award.
  Tom SpenceTom Spence has been a member of USMS since 1994, serving as the Lake Erie LMSC Chair, as the president of the O*H*I*O Masters Swim Club, and as a board member at both the club and LMSC level. He has made both the club and LMSC annual meetings a lot of fun, made it a tradition to have special awards, and has always provided classy gifts for the swimmers. Tom has affected the hundreds of swimmers in the Lake Erie LMSC as well as travelers who have come to Cleveland for the national events. Tom has served at the national level for many years. He was the first on the Championship Committee and served many years on the Long Distance Committee. He was the volunteer coordinator for the 2002 USMS Long Course National Swimming Championship held at the Cleveland State University. He managed approximately 100 volunteers and took care of the shuttle buses. The meet directors agreed that he had the most difficult job at the event. Tom was the meet director for the 1-Hour Postal Swim. Before the event was automated, it required many volunteers to make the event successful, who Tom managed. Tom's greatest contribution to USMS has been his commitment to local open water events. He has been the meet director for the Edgewater Beach 1- and 2-mile open water event for many years. Every year, Tom finds a local charity to donate proceeds from the race. He has also garnered a lot of support in the form of donations from local businesses. The race is always very well organized and has been the site of the USMS Open Water Championship.
  Jeanne TeisherJeanne Teisher has served in several board positions over the past 16 years, including chair, vice chair, and treasurer. Jeanne held her position as chair for more than 4 years before passing the baton to others. Jeanne is action-oriented, follows through with projects and assignments, and is able to motivate others to volunteer. She has worked diligently to expand representation on the board by initiating LMSC conference calling for board meetings and actively seeking new board members who better represented the entire LMSC area. She has streamlined board meetings resulting in more efficient and effective meetings. She has also focused on improving communication to the Oregon Masters membership and recognizing volunteers both in our annual awards and in articles in the Aquamaster newsletter. Jeanne has also been active over many years with her local team, Tualatin Hills Barracudas. She has served in multiple capacities on the team board as well as serving as meet director for local meets. She is always willing to step in and function in any capacity needed. Jeanne has demonstrated what the ultimate volunteer can do for an organization and is very deserving of this USMS recognition.
  Paul WrangellPaul Wrangell has done the unheralded grunt work for the Santa Cruz Masters since helping establish it as a nonprofit organization in 1988/1989. He is one of the six founding members of CRUZ, helping to put forth the ideas and plans that brought the club into being and keeps it going strong. Paul has been the team registrar since the beginning, responsible for everything from tracking who joins to revenue collection. More important than these daily and weekly tasks, he has helped steer the club over many years. Working easily with the other board and team members to build it into the solid organization that CRUZ is today. Paul was a motivating force behind the many events CRUZ has hosted, from LMSC Championships to open water swims. For every meet and open water swim his club has hosted, he’s been the guy in the background making sure the event ran smoothly including running the computer, keeping track of what’s happening at check-in, managing the scratches, organizing the relay cards, posting the heat sheets, loading as well as unloading all the equipment, setting up the shade canopies and food tables, and raking the beach sand to make a smooth finish at open water swims. His efforts continue after the participants have gone home as he insures records and results are filed in a timely and accurate manner. Paul’s contributions have helped build Santa Cruz Masters into a team of 250-plus members. He has worked long hours to host both short and long course Pacific Masters Championship meets. Each summer he and his team safely conduct the 2-mile Cruz Cruise, one of the most popular and challenging annual competitive ocean swims on the USMS calendar. His service to Santa Cruz Masters, to Pacific Masters, and to USMS, defines the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award

  Valeriy BoreykoFor 17 years Valeriy Boreyko, "Val," has been spreading his passion and expertise for the sport of Masters Swimming with a heavy dose of warmth, sense of humor, and generosity, creating a bonding agent that keeps the University of San Francisco Masters one of the most competitive teams in PacMasters Swimming. His leadership is in part responsible for an atmosphere that gives importance to the realization of personal goals while building a culture of team camaraderie that is hard to surpass.
  Tim EdmondsUSMS is proud to honor Timothy Edmonds with a 2012 Kerry O'Brien coaching award. The members of the Stanford Masters speak very highly of Tim's ability to orchestrate a highly energized practice to the entire ensemble. During his tenure, the Palo Alto-based team has been able to expand the demographics of their membership so that growth in every caliber of both competitive and fitness swimming is evident. But it is not just the increased numbers that makes the program so successful, but rather the culture of "everyone matters" that he has seeded into the community that gives this band of swimmers their unique culture and identity.
  Gary HendersonBased out of Florida, the Villages Aquatic Swim Team Masters are an enthusiastic group of Masters swimmers all over the age of 50. With 44 years of coaching experience, Gary Henderson uses his influence with age group, high school, and Masters swimmers to create an integrated environment that inspires each group through the efforts of the other, and puts on display a foundation for "generational swimming" that can only benefit United States Masters Swimming for years to come. He is also the Florida Coach's Chair to USMS and was recognized as the 2011 Florida LMSC Coach of the Year.
  Mark KutzWith what began as an opportunity to provide the parents of the NOVA age group team with a positive fitness experience that has transcended into a part of the Virginia Masters Swim Team, Mark Kutz has wrapped his philosophy of “specific training” over “yardage training” in an enthusiastic and energetic deck presence that an entire community has bought into and made a priority for their livelihood. From this approach, and an encouraging and enthusiastic deck presence, have come some very strong performances at the national and international levels.
  Kurt OlsonThe growth of adult swimming in the California central valley since 2004, be it for fitness or competition, is due in large part to Kurt Olson's ability to envision what could be, commit to making it happen, and spearhead projects that draw attention and interest to his program. The increased membership of the Modesto Area Aquatic Club, to over 200 members and 15 practices a week speaks directly to that. Also, through his encouragement and mentoring, assistant coaches have been able to successfully transition into higher level coaching positions in other areas.
  Laura SchusterUSMS is proud to honor Laura Schuster with a 2012 Kerry O'Brien Coaching award. For over ten years, Mountain View Masters has benefited greatly from the services she have provided to the organization, both on the deck and behind the scenes. Weaving her experience and passion for multi-sport racing, physiological knowledge, and the understanding of the unique characteristics of competitive swimming has helped her to develop a clear and concise methodology that makes you a very valuable piece to the MVM coaching committee. Through her contributions to the On-Line Coaching Services of USMS, continuing education through certification, and the enthusiasm she bring pool side to the workouts she oversees, she is making a difference in the lives of the people she touches, both in person and electronically.
  Leslie ScottUSMS is proud to honor Leslie Scott with a 2012 Kerry O'Brien coaching award. She has proven that vision, enthusiasm, and persistence are a hard combination to trump. Seeing one discontinued program as an opportunity to create something fresh and new, the now 100+ membership of the club is so grateful that she continued to knock on closed doors, weaved her experience as Aquatics Director, teacher, and athlete into a convincing argument that was undeniable as to what might be. She demonstrated the innate ability to fuse passion, energy, and creativity that has some reaching for new fitness goals and others reaching touch pads faster than they ever have done, making the Greenville Splash Masters a true testament to what is possible with a great coach like her.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award

  Sarasota YMCA SharksLocal Club of the Year

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

  Phillip WhittenThe author of 18 books and over 300 major articles on swimming and other topics, Phil is one of the world's lading advocates for swimming at all levels. His writings have contributed to not only the growth, improvement, and success of USMS, but to swimming as a sport and a lifelong pursuit of fitness for Masters swimming worldwide.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

  Jeffrey RoddinJeff chairs the USMS Championship Committee. His focus on working together and his amazing attention to detail has taken Championship meets to new heights in recent years.

Recipients of The Ted Haartz U.S. Masters Swimming Staff Appreciation Award

  Ed TsuzukiWritten and presented by Anna Lea Matysek at the 2012 Annual Meeting. The U.S. Masters Swimming Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award is named in honor of Ted Haartz, a leader in U.S. Masters Swimming since 1970. Ted helped establish the foundation for U.S. Masters Swimming’s evolution into a professionally operated organization. During Ted’s tenure as President, U.S. Masters Swimming became the only self-governed Masters organization in the world. This award, established in 2009, recognizes one individual each year who demonstrates excellence in assisting and supporting the U.S. Masters Swimming staff in the national office with its professional duties of servicing, promoting, and building the membership. This award celebrates the organization’s volunteer roots, as well as its future, specifically by recognizing efforts that support and assist the staff in its responsibilities. In addition to Ted, the past recipients of this award have been George Simon and Ralph Davis. Both George and Ralph continue to provide assistance and advice to the USMS staff on an almost-daily basis. This year’s recipient has also gone above and beyond in providing guidance to various national staff members. Over the past two years he has assisted Tracy Grilli with all of the pre-convention communications, including the Delegate Welcome Letter and the new Delegate Survival Guide. He also created an educational and entertaining New Delegate Orientation presentation that is shown during the first House of Delegates meeting. He also assisted Tracy with the workshop schedule, serving as the liaison to the LMSC Development Committee. Our recipient has worked with me to distribute grants to selected LMSCs that allow them to fund a delegate to the convention. He also assisted me with communications and mentoring for a couple of LMSCs whose officers needed assistance with issues within their LMSCs. Our recipient has been a tremendous help to the USMS webmaster, too. His work on the Records and Tabulation Committee was instrumental in the transition from an offline Top 10 process to the current integration of the event results database and the Top 10 database. As the leader of the End-to-End Event Management task force, he did a great job of integrating both staff and volunteer input in the development of the online event sanction database and tools. He is reasonable to work with and digs in to understand the burdens on both the volunteers and the staff while seeking out the best solution for USMS. This year’s recipient manages to stay involved and up-to-date while maintaining a grueling international travel schedule for his real job. If you ever wonder where he is today, look no further than his Facebook page for photos of the pool he just swam in and the exotic meal that he just ate! I am honored to present the 2012 U.S. Masters Swimming Ted Haartz Staff Appreciation Award to Ed Tsuzuki.

Recipients of The USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF)

  Tim BirnieHonor Swimmer
  Carolyn Boak
  Mel GoldsteinHonor Contributor
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