Psych Sheets
1999 Long Course Championships

Heat Sheets

Preliminary heat sheets for each individual event at this year's long course nationals are available here. These heat sheets are being made available here to try to identify and correct any errors that may be present prior to printing the meet program.Please note that these are NOT the final heat sheets, and that there may be some differences in the printed program at the meet. Swimmers are responsible for showing up for the proper heat/lane assignment as printed in the official meet sheet that is distributed at meet check-in.

The distance events (1500, 800, 400 Freestyle and 400 IM) will not be seeded until after the check-in time during the meet. Psyche sheets are provided instead of heat sheets for these events, and swimmers who have requested 2-per-lane seeding for these events are indicated as such by the 2 after their seed time.


M 800 Free W 800 Free
M 200 Breast W 200 Breast
M 50 Back W 50 Back
M 100 Fly W 100 Fly
M 400 IM W 400 IM
M 200 Free W 200 Free
M 50 Fly W 50 Fly
M 100 Breast W 100 Breast
M 400 Free W 400 Free
M 200 Back W 200 Back
M 100 Free W 100 Free
M 50 Breast W 50 Breast
M 200 IM W 200 IM
M 50 Free W 50 Free
M 200 Fly W 200 Fly
M 100 Back W 100 Back
M 1500 Free W 1500 Free
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