Entry Info
1999 Long Course National Championships

Entry Form Instructions

Entry Procedures:
Use the official entry form, a photocopy of the entire form, or on line entry system. Read all instructions and fill out the form completely. Incomplete entry forms or forms with "pending" in the place for the USMS registration number will be returned to the sender. A legible copy of your USMS registration card or International Travel Permit (foreign swimmers) must accompany the entry form. Failure to include a USMS card or International Travel Permit may result in the swimmer being charged a fee before being allowed to compete. A swimmer's affiliation as stated on the entry form will apply throughout the meet. If the club on the entry and the club listed on the USMS registration card submitted with the entry form do not match, the swimmer shall, prior to the first day of competition, submit a new USMS registration card or a letter from the local registrar showing the new affiliation.

National Qualifying Times (NQT):
Competitors may enter and swim in a maximum of three (3) individual events without meeting the National Qualifying Times (NQT) established for those events. Competitors may enter up to three additional events in which they have swum a time equal to or better than the NQT in the past 2 years. The NQTs for all events are shown here. Designate the events in which NQTs have been met with a "T" in the column designated on the entry form (NQTs are automatically checked for Internet entries). No NQTs for men 90 and over and women 85 and over.

Entry Times:
All entered events must include an entry time. "NT" entries will be rejected.

Number of Events:
If the swimmer qualifies, they may swim up to three events per day with a maximum of 6 events during the meet. If six events are entered, indicate with the number "6" your least desired event in the column designated with the number "6." If not indicated, your last event on the entry form will be dropped. No changes of the designated 6th events will be allowed after July 15, 1999. No refunds for dropped events.

Relay Entries:
Relays may be entered at any time until 6:00 pm the day before that relay is scheduled to swim. After that time, only the swimmers on the relay may be changed. The relay entry fee is $12.00 per relay regardless of when it is entered. Entry formswill be mailed to the official USMS club contact, will be available at the meet, and can be requested by contacting Paul Windrath (651-388-8524).

Entry Fees:

Surcharge: $20 per swimmer
Ind. Events: $4 per event
Relays: $12 per relay

Fees must accompany the entry form and must be paid in US dollars by check, money order, or valid credit card. DO NOT SEND CASH. Entry is not complete until check/credit card has cleared the bank. If the entrant's check is questionable, full cash payment will be required before the entrant is allowed to swim. Refund requests must be received in writing before July 15, 1999. No refunds for events not swum. Relay-only swimmers should complete the entry form, mail in with the $20 surcharge, and be received before July 15, 1999.

Mail Entry and Fees to:
Paul Windrath, Meet Director
2612 Eunice Avenue
Red Wing, MN 55066
651-388-8524 (before 9 pm CST)
612-332-7774 (fax)

Fax Extries:
Fax Entries will be accepted with valid credit card information. Meet Host is not responsible for errors that might occur due to illegibility. Fax entries will be charged a $10 processing fee. A copy of the swimmer's registration card must accompany the faxed entries. Return calls will be made collect.

Entry Deadline:
All U.S. entries must be postmarked with an official U.S. postmark (no business meters) by July 8, 1999, OR received by July 15, 1999. Entries received after this date will be returned to sender. The Internet entry system will be shut off after July 15, 1999. Fax entries must be received on or before July 15, 1999. Wire, phone, or e-mail entries (as opposed to on-line entries) will not be accepted. MAIL EARLY. Include SASE with your entry for proof of receipt and allow sufficient time for delivery. Photocopy entry forms for your records and verification.

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