Dorm Registration
1999 USMS Long Course Nationals - Dormitory Reservation Application

Dormitory Rules and Regulations (read carefully):

  1. Reservations must be made before July 14th and are subject to availability.
  2. Arriving earlier or departing later than reserved is not possible without prior approval and payment
  3. All reservations must be accompanied by full payment - payments will not be processed until July 1st
  4. Include SASE for confirmation of reservation, maps and other instructions
  5. Reservations are on a first come and paid, first served basis.
  6. All room rates include tax
  7. Room rate includes daily clean towels and washcloths. Each room comes with one set if bed linen per stay
  8. No smoking, no drugs, no late and loud nights, no alcohol - college is in session
  9. Violation of University policy will result in immediate expulsion and no refund of unused reservation
  10. Double reservations must be paid in full - you have to find a room mate. We do not mix and match roommates
  11. Even when paying by check, Credit Card information required with reservation (to cover against damage and lost keys)
  12. Room rates do not include the meal plan - you are on your own to make arrangements
  13. Room availability: Singles - 200, doubles - 15
  14. Parking permits are possible. Daily rate is $5.00. Parking spots limited to 40. Location is unknown.

To Reserve a Room

The preferred method of reserving a room is to call Paul Windrath at 651-388-8524 (before 9 pm CST) and provide the information shown below. You may also fill out this form, print it, and mail it to the address below. However, with limited room availability, this may reduce your chances of getting a reservation.

Mail To:
Paul Windrath
2612 Eunice Avenue
Red Wing, MN 55066


First Name
Middle Intial
Last Name

Reservation Information

Arrival Date (Month,Day, year)
Departure Date(Month,Day, year)

Amount Due Calculation (Dorm room Payment is due in Advance-University Policy)

Room Type:  None
   Singles (A/C) $35.00 per night
   Double (No A/C) $49.00 per Night
Number of Nights
Total $ Amount Due =
For Doubles Only:
Roommate Name:
Phone Number

Payment Methods (100% payment in advance)

  1. Check or Money Order made out to: 1999 USMS LC Nationals
  2. Credit Card Charge (required with all reservations):
Type of Card (Visa,Master)
Card Number
Expiration Date
Name on Card
Sponsor #29Sponsor #14Sponsor #61Sponsor #58Sponsor #25
Sponsor #56Sponsor #52Sponsor #59Sponsor #20Sponsor #62
Sponsor #60Sponsor #36Sponsor #42Sponsor #13Sponsor #41Sponsor #43Sponsor #49