Meet Results
2000 USMS Long Course Nationals Results

Final Results of all events are now available here. You can also search for specific results in our on-line meet results database. There is also a zip archive containing a separate text file with results for each LMSC available here, which may be useful for local newsletters.


Women's ResultsMen's Results
W19-24 M19-24
W25-29 M25-29
W30-34 M30-34
W35-39 M35-39
W40-44 M40-44
W45-49 M45-49
W50-54 M50-54
W55-59 M55-59
W60-64 M60-64
W65-69 M65-69
W70-74 M70-74
W75-79 M75-79
W80-84 M80-84
W85-89 M85-89
W90-94 M90-94

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