1998 USMS Convention Schedule

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

2-4pmExecutive Committee
4:30-5:30pmBoard of Directors/Professional Management Committee
5-6pmConvention Committee
5:30-7pmDinner break
7-9pmUSAS Seminar
9pm onUSMS delegates meeting in hospitality suite

Thursday, October 1, 1998

9:30am-12pmHouse of Delegates
9:30-10:30amRoll call, executive committee & committee chairs brief reports/agenda highlights
10:30-12pmGeneral discussion/groups
12-1pmLunch break

1-6pm Committee Meetings
CoachesChampionshipComputer On-Line
LegislationFinance (to 5:15pm)Endowment Fund (5:15-6pm)
PlanningOfficialsRecognition & Awards
RegistrationRecords & TabulationRule Book
RulesRulesSafety Education
Sports Medicine
Long Distance

6:30-7pmExecutive Committee
7-9pmInsurance Reception
9pmRansom Arthur Presentation

Friday, October 2, 1998

9am-12:45pm Committee Meetings
ChampionshipChampionshipFinance (if needed)
FitnessFinance (to 2pm)ISHOF Nominating
InternationalInsuranceLegislation (if needed)
Legal Counselors (to 9:45)RulesLong Distance (if needed)
Long DistanceRules (if needed)

2-4pmHouse of Delegates
Reports: FINA Liaison/ISHOF, Historian, USAS, USS, YMCA, SWIM Mag. Ed., Controller, Endowment Fund, ISHOF Nominating
Committee Reports: Coaches, Convention, Officials, Sports Medicine, Safety Education, Records & Tab., Recognition & Awards
4:30-4:45pmElection of Zone Chairman
5-6:30pmDinner Break/Executive Committee
6:30-8:15pmHouse of Delegates/Championship Bids
8:15pm-Ohio LMSC Social

Saturday, October 3, 1998

8-9:30amFinance Committee
8:45-9:15amExecutive Committee
9:30-12pmZone Meetings
1:30-5pmHouse of Delegates
Committee Reports: Championship, Computer On-Line, Fitness, International, Legislation, Marketing, Planning, Registration, Rule Book
2:4510 minute break
Committee Reports: Executive Committee, Long Distance, Rules, Internal Audit, Finance.
7-10pmUSAS Awards Dinner
10pm-USMS Social in Hospitality Suite

Sunday, October 4, 1998

9am-11amConvention Wrap-up, General discussion - success of convention, theme for 1999, pertinent issues of this convention and ones to be addressed in next convention.
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