1998 USMS Convention

The United States Masters Swimming annual convention will be held from September 30 - October 4 in Cincinnatti, Ohio as part of the overall United States Aquatic Sports Convention.

This year is a non-election year for our convention. This year's agenda has changed a bit, including an initial House of Delegates meeting on Thursday morning to provide an overview of the agenda for each committee meeting. This will allow delegates to decide which committee meetings are most important for them to attend. In addition, committee meeting times may be a bit shorter than previous years.

Our goal this year is to place all pre-convention committee status reports, agendas, schedules, proposed rule changes, etc. at this site prior to the convention to help disseminate information to the delegates and the membership at large. At the completion of the convention, all committee reports and minutes will be available here also.

Avaiable Information & Reports

Convention Schedule

National Office Reports Officer Reports Committee Reports Ad Hoc Committees: Liaison Reports Committee Agendas Ad Hoc Committees: Rules Changes
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