2008 USMS Convention Highlights

Membership: It's Up to US!Executive Address:

The Vision and Action Plan as outlined by Executive Director Rob Butcher was endorsed by the Board of Directors and the associated budget approved by the House of Delegates. Read Rob's address to the House of Delegates here.

Election Results:

At-Large Directors:
Breadbasket Zone: Anthony Thompson
Colonies Zone: Betsy Durrant
Dixie Zone: Jerry Clark
Great Lakes Zone: Nadine Day
Northwest Zone: Jeanne Ensign
Oceana Zone: Michael Moore
South Central Zone: Don Mehl
Southwest Zone: Laura Winslow
Zone Reps:
Breadbasket Zone: Lori Payne
Northwest Zone: Wes Edwards

Awards Presented:Woodlands Masters Swim Team - 2008 USMS Club of the Year

2010 Pool Championships Awarded To:
  • Short Course Yards: Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, May 20-23, 2010
  • Long Course Meters: San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 9-12, 2010
2010 Long Distance Championships Awarded To:
  • One Hour Postal: Tamalpais Aquatics - Pacific LMSC
  • 3000/6000 Y Postal: Mastsrs of South Texas - South Texas LMSC
  • 5K/10K Postal: Twin Rivers YMCA Masters (TRYM) - North Carolina LMSC
  • 2 Mile Cable: Lake Placid, NY - Adirondack LMSC
  • 1 Mile Open Water: Charlotte, NC - North Carolina LMSC
  • 1-3 Mile Open Water: TVM Del Valle Open Water Swim - Pacific LMSC
  • 3-6 Mile Open Water: Colorado Springs, CO - Colorado LMSC
  • 6+ Mile Open Water: Noblesville, IN - Indiana LMSC
Meeting Minutes:
(NOTE: These minutes will be linked here as they become available) Zone Meeting Minutes: LMSC Workshop Minutes:
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Effective Leadership
  • Club Models
  • End to End Event Management
LMSC Roundtable Minutes:
  • Registrars Roundtable
  • Coaches Roundtable
  • LMSC Chairs Roundtable
  • Sanctions and Records
  • Want to Know More About Postal Swims?
Policy/Guideline Additions and Revisions:
  • Current Financial Operating Guidelines (FOG)

Pre-Convention Information:

United States Aquatic Sports
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
September 24-28, 2008 Pre-Convention Information

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