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USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Newsletter Of The Year Award

The June Krauser Communications Award recognized all manner of communication efforts.

The award was presented annually to the most outstanding LMSC or club newsletter but it was discontinued in 2009 by the USMS Communications Committee.

2009 Shannon Schwartz Mountain View Masters Swimming and Social Club
2008 Margie and Paul Hutinger The Maverick Lane Lines (Florida Maverick Masters)
2007 David Radcliff Aqua-Master (Oregon LMSC)
2006 Dan Adams WH2O (West Hollywood Aquatics)
2005 Paul Freeman The WetSet (Pacific Northwest LMSC)
2004 David Radcliff Aqua-Master (Oregon LMSC)
2003 Doug Garcia Splash Master (Inland Northwest LMSC)
2002 Maria Karanungen The Watershed (Dynamo Swim Club)
David Shinn The Watershed (Dynamo Swim Club)
2001 Carl Anhalt West Hollywood Aquatics Newsletter (West Hollywood Aquatics)
2000 Sandy McNeel The WetSet (Pacific Northwest LMSC)
1999 Bill Volckening Barracuda Bulletin (Tualatin Hills Barracudas)
1998 Jim Donnelly The Florida Newsletter (Florida LMSC)
1997 Nancy Ottom The Record Times (Davis Aquatics)
Cathy Carr West The Record Times (Davis Aquatics)
1996 Tom Lyndon NEM News (New England Masters)
1995 Bonnie Adair Swimmer's Source (Southern Pacific LMSC)
Clay Evans Swimmer's Source (Southern Pacific LMSC)
1994 Sheila Baskett Gulf Masters Newsletter (Gulf LMSC)
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