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2014 Go The Distance Results

Daily results for the 2014 Go The Distance (GTD) event are available here. Participant results pages are updated each day after 6 a.m. Eastern Time and include all swims logged through the previous day. Milestone achievements are updated throughout the day.

Through December 31, 2014, our 4,286 GTD 2014 participants have swum a total of 871,819.35 miles (=1,534,402,048 yards, =1,403,057,233 meters). Keep up the good work!


Mileage Milestone Achievements:

Awards and Merchandise:

  • A link to information about how to purchase milestone awards will appear on your FLOG page once you have reached a milestone with an associated award.
  • Official Go The Distance t-shirts can also be ordered from All American Swim Supply. Check off your milestone achievements on your t-shirt throughout the year as you swim through them.
    Go The Distance T-Shirt
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