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2008 USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. Award

  Barry FasbenderU.S. Masters Swimming recognizes Barry Fasbender as the 2008 Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. honoree.

Barry Fasbender has been involved in Masters swimming for more than three decades, with increasing involvement each decade. He began swimming in local Masters programs in the 1970s and running local programs from 1983-1985. Barry moved on to the national level, attending his first USMS Convention in 1993, and has participated as Chair of the Championship Committee and as a member of the Rules Committee.

Barry establishes the practical foundations for success for Masters swimming competitors at all levels of the organization, as shown by his actions as Championship Committee Chair (obtaining HyTek timing for Nationals), preparing bid packages and acting as meet liaison for several USMS Nationals, as well as his current responsibilities for the sanctions and meet operations of all swim meets in Pacific LMSC that holds at least twenty meets each year.

Barry quietly and effectively gets all tasks done, from the small things like measuring all the Pacific swimming venues, to the large projects, like assuring that the first ever Relay Day at the 2006 FINA World Championships (with over 4,000 individuals participating) went off with out any visible hitches. This quiet competence makes him a crucial and dependable member of any task force on any issue related to Masters swimming. He is always available, always knowledgeable, and always a solid contributor.

Barry’s legacy to our organization is that he not only gets the job, meet, or project done, but that he does it always with integrity, good grace and competence. His credentials and his long-term dedication to USMS make him deserving of this prestigious award.

Recipients of The Speedo/U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Of The Year Award

  Susan IngrahamSusan Ingraham is the recipient of the Speedo/United States Masters Swimming Coach of the Year award in 2008. She coaches for MOST, Masters of South Texas. The Speedo/USMS Coach of the Year award "has been presented at the U.S. Masters Swimming annual convention to a coach who demonstrates excellence in five areas: club and individual accomplishments, publications, contributions to U.S. Masters Swimming and the LMSC, letters of support and long-term contributions to Masters swimming."

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

  Patricia A BakerPat Baker received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. She is currently the officials chair for Lake Erie LMSC, a task for which she recently volunteered and has made significant strides in the past few months to strengthening the local program in Lake Erie. She has begun to organize the officials and take on the task of being sure that the local officials are up to speed on rule changes, which is a model we are attempting to implement in all LMSCs. She has officiated local Masters meets for several years and, according to the LMSC leadership in Lake Erie, is known as the “One who always knows the rules.” Pat is an active member of the USMS Officials Committee and has provided valuable expertise to our committee as we are developing key elements of a revised officials program to support USMS National Championships as well as LMSC minimum standards and certification criteria. As a key element of this program, USMS secured an agreement with USA Swimming to designate our national championship meets for evaluation and advanced certification of officials. Pat volunteered her time to serve as a national evaluator for the recent championships in Texas and she has also served as a deck official at several national championships. Pat Baker has given much to USMS and it is a pleasure to honor her with the USMS Service Award.
  Thomas G BlissTom Bliss received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has served as Chairman of the Florida LMSC since 2001. On the national level he has attended the USMS convention four times and served on the Coaches and Safety Education Committees. With a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, one of his primary goals as Chairman was to determine what the LMSC members want from their LMSC. During his first year in office he conducted a survey which was sent to all club representatives asking for feedback from their members. Quoting Tom at the first Awards Banquet that he implemented in 2002, "Many new and exciting ideas have been provided to me over the course of the past year through conversations, e-mails, and meetings and many more ideas have been generated as a result of the surveys submitted by your team representatives. The task of the Florida LMSC board is and will be to take all of the ideas and suggestions and to implement as many as possible to improve your organization." Tom has done just that. He has listened to and acted for the members, accomplishing many of the member requests during his eight years. The membership has grown under his leadership to over 1,500 members. The Florida LMSC Awards Banquet has become an annual event that recognizes swimmers' accomplishments, their service to the LMSC and local clubs, and swimmers who have overcome adversity in life. Other major requests that Tom has responded to are: starting the Florida Aquatic Combined Team in 2003, with the primary goal of allowing swimmers of small clubs the ability to swim on relays at national and world events. And having a State wide LMSC meet challenge which is in the planning stages. Tom, an avid swimmer and competitor, swam on scholarship from 1972-1975 at Auburn University. He is twice an individual USMS All-American and once a relay USMS All-American. He has 102 national USMS top ten finishes since 1993. Tom continues to improve his skills and works to help improve others by acting as coach and swim instructor. From a survey request for more swim clinics he has conducted several in the Florida LMSC and has encouraged other coaches to offer more as well. Tom was instrumental in developing job descriptions for both elected and appointed positions on the board. He has been a strong, but calm, active leader who has brought unity to the Florida LMSC.
  Gussie B CrawfordGussie Crawford received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. Her long association with swimming began in 1968 as a swim parent and has continued long after her children retired from swimming. She has been a dedicated volunteer and an integral part of Ozark swimming serving at the local level, the national AAU level, and on the USOC Board of Directors. Gussie currently serves as the Ozark LMSC Registrar and Sanctions Chair and Sanctions Chair for USA Track and Field. She has also been Administration Chair and Treasurer for Ozark US Synchronized Swimming, and Ozark USA Boxing. Gussie Crawford has been honored many times for her service to AAU and Ozark and USMS honors her with its Service Award as well.
  Thomas K FoleyTom Foley received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. “Mr. PNA”, as the locals know him, has been here from the beginning and served as the second president of Pacific Northwest LMSC. He followed in co-founder Steve Engel’s footsteps toward building an LMSC that, 35 years later, supports over 1,400 members. Tom has served in many positions over the years and he continues to be a PNA board member as an at-large representative who voices the concerns of our small-team, unattached, and senior members. Tom is also the LMSC historian. He has rarely missed a PNA competition and is known for swimming at least one grueling race (if not more) at each meet. Tom was instrumental in organizing and managing the meet hospitality room for PNA’s last two national championships in 2001 and 2007.
  Allen HighnoteAllen Highnote received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. When Jeff Moxie recently took on the USMS treasurer position, Allen immediately stepped up and is doing a great job as SPMA’s treasurer—guiding them with excellent financial advice. Allen redesigned the SPMA website and added several things to make it more interesting to our swimmers. Recently he volunteered to help out the new SPMA Coaches Chair. He has been to several USMS conventions, always lending sound advice to any meeting he is in. He serves on the USMS Coaches and Editorial/Publications committees. Wayne McCauley, past Chairman of SPMA, noted, "having someone as talented as Allen has been a blessing to the SPMA Committee, and he is truly deserving of the USMS Service Award."
  Doug HuestisDoug Huestis received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has served the Pacific LMSC as a long time coach with The Olympic Club, Fog City, Burlingame, and currently BAY Masters. He has been a convention delegate and a member of the Coaches and Sports Medicine committees, and as Pacific's Vice-Chair of Administration and a former Chairman of Pacific Masters Swimming. Doug has encouraged the clubs he has coached to host swim meets, especially long course meets, which has greatly enhanced Pacific's long course program. Doug is a student of our sport and has written articles and analyses of technique that have been published in Swim magazine, Swimming Technique magazine, M.A.C.A., as well as professional journals such as the Journal of American College of Sports Medicine. He has contributed to the education and knowledge of Masters swimming by offering clinics at the regional and national levels. Doug also contributed to Pacific's program as "Captain Midnight" who offered training plans and stroke tips for two years in the Pacific Masters weekly update that is sent to all Pacific swimmers.
  Charles H KohnkenCharles Kohnken received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has worked for the Florida LMSC since 1983. He served as records chair for three years, registrar for six years, helped out as sanctions chair for a year and is currently Florida's officials chair. He also writes articles for the Florida newsletter. On the national level he has attended the USMS convention at least 10 times and served on the Registration Committee and the Officials Committee where he currently serves. In 2008 Charlie received the Florida LMSC Service Award in appreciation for his dedication and service. Charlie has been a USA Swimming official in Florida for approximately 20 years. He officiates 10-15 USA swimming meets per year and also works many high school dual and district meets for Countryside High School. On top of that he officiates and organizes the officials at many Masters meets and Senior Games each year. He is a local fixture on deck. Everyone knows Charlie. After seeing a need for officials certified at the highest level, Charlie has moved up through the ranks, starting as a stroke and turn judge, then starter, and just recently, at 76 years of age, became a certified deck referee. He plans on taking the next step—becoming an administrative referee. Many parents stop officiating after their children have stopped swimming so not many reach the referee level. Florida Official, Dan Nardozzi said, "Charlie is one of the most consistent, dedicated and experienced officials that I know." As Florida's officials chair, Charlie works with each meet director to make sure they have enough officials to staff the meet. He is compiling a roster and diligently working to recruit officials to work Masters meets while making sure that they get deck time credit for their continued recertification. He actively recruits more individuals to become certified. Besides all of his volunteer work, Charlie also competes for St. Pete Masters. He became an USMS All-American in 1991 and has 90 individual USMS top ten finishes since 1993. Charlie is a dedicated Florida and USMS volunteer who cares deeply about swimming and of course, swimming properly.
  WonKee MoonWonKee Moon received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has been a USMS member for nearly ten years, about five of them as a member of District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC). He has served as captain and as an assistant coach, coordinated DCAC’s annual open water swim to benefit the local HIV and AIDS community, and built partnerships with the DC community by representing DCAC at many locally based community events. WonKee has shown his commitment to USMS by organizing DCAC participation in events such as USMS nationals and zones meets, open water championships, “top ten” challenges, and postal swims. What makes WonKee especially deserving of this award in 2008 is his outstanding contribution to our team, USMS, and the international aquatics community when he served as Chairperson of the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships that were held in Washington, DC on June 18 - 22, 2008. Over the past two years, WonKee volunteered an immense amount of time to this endeavor and did so with an unbelievably positive and encouraging attitude. WonKee Moon’s service to the local, national, and international swimming community makes him especially deserving of this award.
  Randy NuttFlorida Gold Coast LMSC
  Fred C PigottFred Pigott received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He received not one, but two separate nominations for this award. Fred has been a consistent volunteer for Masters swimming since 1983. It is a rare national championship meet where he is not serving as an official of some sort. He has been a stroke and turn judge, referee, starter, chief judge and head referee. Although not a swimmer himself, Fred gets the ideals of fun and friendship in Masters. He is always quick with a smile and a handshake. Over the years he has gotten to know many of the USMS athletes and makes more friends each meet. Last year, he was selected as a delegate to the USMS convention from Illinois. He works hard at his local LMSC recruiting USA officials to come find out what the fun meets are like to work. Fred is an active member of the USMS Officials Committee and provided valuable expertise to the committee as they are developing key elements of a revised officials program to support USMS National Championships well as LMSC minimum standards and certification criteria. Additionally, Fred has worked with the Open Water / Long Distance Committee to develop protocols for officiating open water races, observing and photographing examples of infractions and non-infractions during races.
  Jeanne SeidlerJeanne Seidler received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. She has been a member of USMS since 2000, but her involvement with swimming started when her children were in age group programs in Wisconsin. She dug right in as an avid volunteer and supporter. Using her technological talents, she designed a computer program for her children’s local swim program to use in running their meets more efficiently. When Jeanne’s children were grown, she took swimming into her own hands, joined Masters swimming, and eventually devoted herself to the same kinds of volunteer efforts with the Masters as she had for age group swimming. She has become a fixture at WI Masters meets, selflessly operating the computer systems at many meets while compromising her own warm ups and warm downs and races in between operations at the computer desk. Not only that, but she has taken it upon herself to handle the LMSC’s Top Ten compilations and has done such an outstanding job that she has been asked to take on the National top times / meet results coordinator.
  Dick A SidnerDick Sidner received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He epitomizes our volunteer driven organization! He has been nominated for this award by two individuals who recognized him for his 20+ years of service to the Greater Indiana LMSC and the Noblesville Adult Swim Team. He is an active member of the USMS Open Water / Long Distance committee and most recently, he was the event director for the inaugural USMS 25 K National Championship, which attracted 45 solo swimmers and 140 relay swimmers. Dick worked for over a year planning the 25K and his ONLY goal was to create a safe and premier swimming event for the participants. Reviews from the participants have been astonishing; with all swimmers agreeing that it was a memorable event and one of the best run that most have participated in.
  Erin M SullivanErin Sullivan received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. The work Erin did to make Masters swimmers attending the USA Swimming Olympic Trials feel welcome was impressive. Months in advance she posted information on the USMS discussion forums and contacted swimmers she knew were attending. She organized workout space for each day of the trials, convinced the Nebraska LMSC to cover the cost of pool time, and lined up coaches to cover the workouts. In addition to workouts, Erin provided the more than 40 Masters attendees with a list of area restaurants and contact information for other Masters swimmers in town.
  Sarah WelchSarah Welch received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. She is currently serving as Fitness Chair for the Pacific Northwest LMSC and she has been the driving force behind numerous interesting and successful swim clinics conducted in the LMSC. Sarah served as PNA's treasurer for two terms and is the current Northwest Zone treasurer. She has represented PNA at numerous conventions and has been a Finance Committee member—currently the vice chair of that committee. She has been the Volunteers Coordinator for the National Championships that PNA hosted in 2001 and 2007 and she has been PNA’s event director for One Hour Postal swim. Sarah is a dedicated volunteer whose service to the LMSC and USMS is greatly appreciated and it is a pleasure to honor her with the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award.
  Scott WilliamsScott Williams received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has long been active in the Pacific LMSC as a coach and as a former Pacific Masters Coaches Chair. Everywhere Scott goes he brings enthusiasm and fun along with his coaching expertise. He "walks the talk" by participating in pool and open water events and bringing others with him. Scott has been generous with his facilities at The Olympic Club by hosting many Masters seminars and clinics for both coaches and swimmers. He initiated a SCM 1500 in the new pool at his club. He served as a coach at the USMS Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center, was well received by the athletes, and persuaded The Olympic Club to help financially support the camp. Scott has headed up the popular Trans Tahoe Relay for many years and created a new category for solo swimmers. He coaches triathletes in swimming on weekends, he coaches high school teams, and he fills in for other coaches.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award

  Conrad JohnsonCoach Conrad Johnson was a recipient of the 2008 Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award. Conrad joined Team New York Aquatics in 2006, taking an already thriving club to yet a new level. Under Conrad’s leadership, the team now enjoys a more varied program, which includes skills clinics, social outings, and training trips. Conrad has provided training and mentoring to a growing coaching staff and has established a scholarship fund to assist needy swimmers. In October of this year, Team New York Aquatics will be hosting their first Masters swim meet, due to the efforts of Conrad. Congratulations Coach Conrad!
  Justin WelbornThe news in Lafayette, La., is that Masters swimming at Red Lerille’s Health and Racquet Club is the “hottest ticket” in town. Under the enthusiastic and creative leadership of coaches Justin Wellborn and Claire Broussard, this group of 10 occasional lap swimmers has grown to a team of over 60 dedicated Masters swimmers. This year they hosted their first swim meet with over 50 swimmers from seven different teams. One team member reports that she pushes herself so much in practice because Coach Claire is so invested in her success that she couldn’t bear to let her down!
  Claire Broussard
  Paul JonesThe Columbia Gorge Masters in Hood River, Oregon didn’t know how fortunate they would be when Paul Jones stepped up to the plate as their head coach in May of 2007. The quality and the intensity of their workouts took a huge step up, but the members quickly realized that Paul offered much more than great workouts. Coach Paul brought an enthusiasm that was infectious and motivating to swimmers of all abilities. Through his outreach programs to triathletes and fitness swimmers, the membership has grown and the workouts regularly see 30+ swimmers in the water on any given day.
  Marilyn GrindrodThe community of Poulsbo, Wash., offered no opportunities for adult swimmers beyond a few lap-swimming hours until Coach Marilyn Grindrod created the Olympic Aquatic Club Masters. Working with the board of directors of the local USS team, Marilyn secured the pool time and registered the new club with PNA. The word spread quickly and her lanes were soon flowing with triathletes, fitness swimmers, and competitive swimmers. Coach Marilyn is a natural with the Masters swimmers—creating workouts that challenge each swimmer at their own level while maintaining the cohesion of the team. This keen sense of leadership is the making of great Masters coaches.
  Fred NelisIn 1999 Coach Fred Nelis founded the Dutch Masters of Holland Michigan with the philosophy of "Fun, Friends, Food, and Fitness.” His team has appropriately added “Fred” to the slogan for the dedication and passion he brings to the program. I quote: “Fred calls or visits when a swimmer needs a hand or an ear. He gives advice on stroke, takes film, cheers when you make a hard set, gives you a pat on the back whether you swim a great time or not. He continues to energize all of us to continue to participate, brings in others to add to the mix, many of whom otherwise might be reluctant to dive in. He makes the food/entertainment part of our group even more fun! Fred leads us as a family—and a family that swims together stays together."
  Kathryn GregoryIn 1998 Masters swimmer Kathryn Gregory relocated from Maryland to Kilmarnock, Va. She joined a small health club, which featured a five-lane pool to continue her training and worked closely with the club owner to develop a Masters program. When their efforts to find a coach were exhausted, Kathryn made it happen by stepping into the role as coach and building the program from scratch. Her swimmers say she does not miss a thing with creative workouts that challenge swimmers and individualizing the sets to meet the needs of each swimmer. She has taken Stripers swimmers to YMCA Nationals in 2004, 2006, and 2008 and makes time to do continuing education in the field of coaching.
  Cynthia KrassFour years ago, Cynthia Krass, a former UCLA 200-fly specialist, started a Masters swim program at Columbia Athletic Club in Sammamish, Wash. Cynthia’s spirit and dedication, combined with her attention to detail, has created the thriving program with barely enough room to accommodate its members. Cynthia begins each workout with a technical focus and moves into a workout that is tailored for a variety of abilities. She has inspired many of the team to attend local competitions including the PNA Championships. Congratulations Coach Cynthia!
  Brandon VailIn 2007, a young man named Brandon Vail was hired to start an adult swim program in a city facility tucked between a cornfield and a high school in Omaha Neb. Great things happened over the next year as Brandon’s enthusiasm, passion, and creative coaching has grown a couple of lap swimmers into a thriving club of dedicated Masters swimmers. From Twinkie relays and attention to every swimmer in a workout to his bimonthly newsletter and ongoing marketing efforts—Brandon has done it all.
  Kerry O'BrienThis award is named after Kerry who was the USMS Coach of the Year in 1987. He continues to be the excellent head coach for Walnut Creek Masters and is a mentor to swimmers and other coaches far and wide.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award

  Woodlands Masters Swim Team

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

  Dr. Paul HutingerPaul was recognized for his pioneer communications efforts and continued service to his club swimmers and USMS.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Award

  Linda R ShoenbergerLinda Shoenberger received the U.S. Masters Fitness Award in 2008. The Fitness Committee shares the benefits of Masters swimming through the Fitness Article that is posted each month. Linda Shoenberger has done a terrific job of providing outstanding and diverse articles, writing many of them herself. The articles covered such topics as the joy of open water swimming, the need for more community pools, a feature on three randomly chosen swimmers and why they swim for fitness, and the benefits of swimming with other swimmers. Linda truly enjoys swimming and her love of the sport shows in the articles that she shares with all of us.

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship Meets Award

  Tom TaylorTom received this year for his many years of service at USMS Nationals running the Hy-Tek computer program.

Recipients of The USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF)

  Maria LenkHonor Swimmer
  Jim Mc Conica
  Robert Strand

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming Newsletter Of The Year Award

  Margie and Paul HutingerThe Maverick Lane Lines (Florida Maverick Masters)

Recipients of The David Yorzyk Memorial Award

  Rick ColellaRick Colella, 57, was recognized for performing the most outstanding 400 IM at Short Course Nationals. in Austin, he bulldozed the previous record in the men's 55-59 age group by nearly six seconds (4:30.18). Colella represented the U.S. at the Olympics in 1972 and 1976 and won bronze in the 200 breaststroke in Montreal.
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