Entering Fitness Log Events

The Go The Distance event is managed through your Fitness Log (FLOG) in the "My USMS" area of the website. If you have already set up your My USMS area, it's easy to enter the event. Simply log in to your My USMS page, then go to your FLOG and click through to the Events page in the left hand navigation panel. Select which available events you'd like to participate in, and that's it!

New to My USMS?

If you have not yet set up your My USMS area, here are the steps to take to get started. This is a one-time setup that's needed so that we'll know who you are and can tie in your membership details while you're logged into My USMS:

  1. Create a new account for logging in to any private USMS.org areas. These accounts are managed through our Discussion Forums, so you'll be creating a Forums account. Create your account here. Note that these login accounts are not automatically created for you when you join USMS. You'll need to create your own online account (it's free).
  2. Be sure to follow the account confirmation instructions that will be sent to you by email once the account is created. This verifies that your email address was entered correctly for the account. If the email message does not appear in your inbox within 5 minutes, check to see if your email provider has filed it in a potential spam folder, as some email providers are apt to do with such automated emails.
  3. Now that you have a login user name and password, you can log in at My USMS (if you just created your forums login, you may already be logged in when you go to My USMS).
  4. The first time you log into My USMS, you'll be asked to enter your USMS membership information. Doing so links your membership to your online login account so that we can verify membership and provide customized service for you in this area whenever you are logged in.
  5. That's it! You are now set up for using My USMS and may come back any time and log in to use the member services found there. Your FLOG is linked from within your My USMS page and can be accessed there.

New to the FLOGs?

The first time you access your FLOG within your My USMS area, you'll be asked to set up a few preferences for your FLOG. You can always change those preferences later via your preferences page.

Entering Events

To enter any events that are operated from your FLOG, just click through to the FLOG Events page, where you can select which available events you'd like to participate in.