Computerized Logs for Virtual Swims

In order to make recording your practice and meet yardage or meters easier, we have developed computerized swim logs that automatically calculate miles when you enter your daily swim distances. You will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer but you do not need to know how to run the program. The logs will automatically connect with Excel. There are three types of logs to choose from. The logs were designed by Mary Sweat, a member of the USMS Fitness Committee. Mary's comments on the three types of logs are listed below:

1) The Basic swim log is a generic spreadsheet that you can use for a swim diary. Simply enter the date and the amount you swim (yards or meters) and the miles per day and cumulative miles will be calculated automatically for you. You can use this log for any of the virtual swims.

2) The Swim Entry log is virtual swim specific. In this spreadsheet you select your virtual swim of choice (from a selection list). The date and amount you swim per day are also required entries. Then the miles per day and the cumulative miles are calculated just as in the Basic swim log. In addition, the miles to go for the virtual swim you have chosen and the percent of the swim completed are also calculated for you! At any time, you can select a separate virtual swim to track your progress and the calculations will be updated automatically.

3) Virtual Swim logs with graphs are Virtual Swim specific. Each log (there is one for each virtual swim) has a graph designed specifically for that swim. As you enter the date and distance you swam, the graph is automatically updated to show your progress! If the Virtual swim has several segments or options, you will be able to visually see which segment or option you are currently swimming. Your progress will also be calculated (miles to go, % completed etc.). Specific swim logs are available with information about each swim, below.

Each log has a help file associated with it. The help file should answer any questions you have about logging your swim. If you have any additional questions, comments, or enhancements you would like to see added please contact Mary Sweat at

Computerized Swim Specific Logs (.xls files with graphs)

Important Note: If you have downloaded a previous year's version of any of these logs, it is possible that if you click one of the links and open it directly from this page, you will see the 'old' version. (This is due to something called caching-where your system has your previously viewed/downloaded copy in your computer's disk cache). To remedy this situation, please instead choose to save link as/save target as, and designate a place on your computer's hard drive to save the XLS file. You shouldn't have any problems thereafter.