2019 Membership Contest: Coaches, Clubs, and Workout Groups

We’re kicking off the 2019 registration period with a membership contest* to recognize coaches, clubs, and workout groups who help us grow.

Between Nov. 1, 2018 and Feb. 28, 2019, the top three clubs (local only) or workout groups in each tier with the highest overall membership percentages (both renewals and new registrations, based on 2018 membership) will receive special prizes from USMS Partners. There are three tiers in the contest, and you'll be included in one based on your 2018 club or workout group size.

COACHES: Membership Contest Winners



Tier 1: 75+ members


Tier 2: 30 - 74 members


Tier 3: 15 - 29 members

1. Clearwater Aquatic Masters (CAM) 1. Joliet Blue Tides (JBT) 1. Pikes Peak Masters Swimming (PPMS)
2. Nickel City Splash Swim Team (NICK) 2.  SUN CITY STARRS (SCS) 2. Boulder Aquatic Masters (BAM)
3. San Mateo Masters (SMM) 3. ABC Masters - Gray Sharks (ABC) 3. YMCA of the North Shore Masters (YNS)
4. Severna Park Community Center (SPCC) 4. Oakland Barracuda Masters (CUDA) 4. Cape Cod Firefish Masters (CCFM)

North Carolina Masters Swimming,
no workout group (NCMS)

5. Westchester Masters (WMSA) 5. Stingray Swim Team (SST)

The top three clubs or workout groups in each tier will each receive special prizes from USMS Partner SwimOutlet.com!


Gift Card Prizes will be:
1st Place: $500 gift card
2nd Place: $300 gift card
3rd Place: $200 gift card


FIVE ways for coaches, clubs, and workout groups to promote renewals and registrations:

  1. Add a USMS registration link on your club's website and Facebook page.
  2. Email the members of your club the link for USMS membership renewal and recruit volunteers to phone members with renewal information.
  3. Know the benefits of membership, especially the partner discounts, and communicate them to your members.
  4. Put USMS registration information and deadline on the practice whiteboards.
  5. Provide incentives for early renewals, such as a discount on program fees or recognition on a leaderboard at your facility.

*Contest Rules

This contest will run between November 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019, and is exclusively open to USMS registered local clubs and workout groups that had 15 or more members in 2018, and have renewed for 2019. At the end of the contest period (Feb. 28) the top three clubs or workout groups in each tier with the highest overall percentages of membership (both renewals and new registrations, based on 2018 membership) will be declared winners. Within each tier, in the event of a tie, the club or workout group that reached the percentage first will be declared the winner.

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