Meet Information
1997 National Long Course Championships

YMCA Aquatic Center
Orlando, Florida, August 14-18, 1997


Eight world records, including those by Janet Evans, Pablo Morales and Betsy Mitchell, have been set at the YMCA Aquatic Center in Orlando, Fla., the leading vacation destination in the United States.

Location YMCA Aquatic Center
8422 International Dr.
Orlando, Florida
Entry Information

For additional forms and information sheets, send a stamped self-addressed business size envelope to:

Audrey Merritt
249 Carisbrooke St.
Ocoee FL 34761-4747

Phone:(407) 654-2171

Relay Entry Form Relay entry forms will be sent to each USMS club, or send SASE to Audrey Merritt at above address. Cost per relay is $8 through July 10, 1997; $12 afterwards.
Facilities The YMCA Aquatic Center has an eight-lane, 50-meter by 25-yard competition pool with a 10-lane, 25-yard diving well for warm-up. The competition pool has a depth of seven feet at both ends and 7.5 feet in the middle. Colorado 5000 timing systems will be used.

The following hotels, which are on the shuttle route, are offering special rates to Masters swimmers. To receive rates listed below, ask for "Masters Rate."

Orlando Marriott (Headquarters Hotel)
8001 International Drive
(407)351-2420, $64-74, 1/2 mile

Quality Inn/International
7600 International Drive
(407)351-1600, $34, 3/4 mile

Quality Inn Plaza
9000 International Drive
(407)345-8585, $34, 3/4 mile

La Quinta
8300 Jamaican Court
(407)351-1660, $58, 1/2 mile

Clarion Plaza Hotel
9700 International Drive
(800)627-8258, $69, 2 miles

Economy Inns of America
8222 Jamaican Court
(800)826-0778, $64.90, 1/4 mile

Days Inn Lakeside
7335 Sand Lake Road
(407)351-1900, $46, 2 1/2 miles

Radisson Barcelo Hotel
8444 International Drive
(407)345-0505, $69, adjacent to pool

Best Western
8738 International Drive
(800)654-7160, $75, 1/2 mile

Embassy Suites
8250 Jamaican Court
(407)345-8250, $115, 1/4 mile

Meet Shuttle Service A free shuttle service will run between all hotels listed above and the Aquatic Center. A schedule will be available at registration. Shuttle service will run Thursday through Monday and on a limited basis on Wednesday.
Travel Agent Tops 'n Travel is the official travel agency for the meet. Call (800) 872-8077 from 8a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST/EDT), Monday through Friday. Identify yourself as a "Masters" swimmer. For those using Tops 'n Travel, an agency booth will be located at the pool.
Emergency Telephone Number (407)363-1911
Airlines Continental Airlines and USAir are the official airlines for the meet. For Continental, ask for JWTTCDZWKM for a special rate. With USAir, ask for code 88110098."
Ground Transportation Transportation from the airport to the International Drive area (15 minutes) is available by taxi or hotel shuttle. Contact Mears Motor Shuttle at (800) 759-5219 or 843-2404 (airport location) for more information.
Parking Parking is available at the Aquatic Center.
RV/Trailer Parking & Camping Trailer and RV parking will be allowed at the Natatorium ONLY during the daytime; there will be NO OVERNIGHT RV parking. For camping information, enclose a SASE, marked "camping," with your entry.
Officials Meet Referee: Al Soltis

Meet Director: Larry Peck

Aquatic Center Director: John Vasbinder 

Meet Host: YMCA Aquatic Center and Team Orlando Masters Swimming
Entry Procedures Use official entry form or photocopy of the entire form. Read all instructions and fill out form completely. Entries with "pending" in place of a registration number on the entry form will be subject to rejection. A legible copy of each swimmer's USMS registration card or International Travel Permit (foreign entries) must accompany entry form. Failure to include a USMS card copy or International Travel permit may result in the swimmer being charged a fee before being allowed to compete. A swimmer changing club affiliation prior to Nationals must send either a USMS registration card or a letter from the local registrar with new club affiliation and effective date.  
National Qualifying Times (NQTs) Competitors may enter and swim a maximum of six (6) events. In three (3) of six events, the competitor must have swum a time equal to or better than the NQT in the past two years. The NQTs for all events are listed in the entry information. Designate the events for which you have met the NQT with a "T" in the column designated as such. No NQTs for women ages 85 and over and men ages 90 and over.  
Filling Out Entry Blank All events must be entered with a time. "NT" entries will be rejected. Limit three (3) individual events per day.  
Sixth Event If six events are entered, please indicate, with the number "6," your least-desired event in the column designated with the number "6." If not indicated, your last event on the entry form may be dropped. No refunds for the dropped event.  
800/1500 Meter Freestyle A swimmer may enter both the 800 and 1500 Freestyles. Swimmers may choose to swim two-per-lane in the 400, 800 and 1500 Freestyles. Two-per-lane heats will be run prior to one-per-lane heats.  
Swimming Two-Per-Lane Swimmers electing to swim two-per-lane cannot change their decision at the meet. Swimmers who elected to swim one-per-lane may change to two-per-lane prior to the final check-in time and date.  
Fees $4 per individual event plus $20 surcharge per swimmer. Fees must accompany entry form and must be paid in U.S. dollars by check or money order. Entry not complete until check has cleared bank. If questions about an entrant's check, full cash payment in U.S. dollars required before the entrant allowed to swim. Refund requests must be in writing and received by July 10, 1997. No refunds for events not swum. The $20 surcharge also applies to relay swimmers not entered in individual events. Relay-only swimmers must submit an entry form with $20 payment by entry deadline.  
U.S. Mail & Overnight Entries
Audrey Merritt
249 Carisbrooke St.
Ocoee, FL 34761-4747

Phone: (407)654-2171
Entry Deadline All U.S. entries must be postmarked with official U.S. postmark (no business meters) by July 3, 1997 OR received by July 10, 1997. No FAX, wire, or telephone entries will be accepted. Entries received after this date will be returned to sender. Mail entries early. Include SASE with entry for proof of receipt. Allow sufficient time for mail delivery. Photocopy completed entry form for your records.  
Registration All swimmers must register to receive meet program, social tickets and other meet information. Registration will be at the YMCA Aquatic Center from noon to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13, and from 6 a.m. until the end of the day's events on Thursday through Monday.  
Positive Check-in Events The 400, 800 and 1500 Freestyles and the 400 IM are positive check-in events.For these events, each swimmer must check in either by phone or in person. Check-in may be handled by a swimmer's teammate or coach. No changes in seeding will be made to accommodate travel arrangements.  

In-person and Phone Check-in

Distance Event 
Phone Check-in number

(407) 354-1188

Phone check-in will be accepted for the 800 and 400 Freestyles only. This will be taken on Tuesday, August 12, from 3 to 6 p.m. (EDT) and from noon to 6 p.m. (EDT) on Wednesday, August 13. Phone check-in is valid ONLY by talking specifically to a meet representative AND by retaining your check-in verification number.

In-person check-in will be taken on Wednesday, August 13, from noon to 6 p.m. and from Thursday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Check-in deadlines are as follows: 800 Free (M/W) 6 p.m., August 13; 400 Free (M) 6 p.m., August 14; 400 Free (W) 6 p.m., August 15; 400 IM(M/W) 6 p.m., August 16; and 1500 Free (M/W) 6 p.m., August 17. All swimmers failing to positive check-in will be scratched.

Eligibility This National Championship is open to any swimmer who is 19 years old as of July 10, 1997. If a swimmer wishes to affiliate with a Masters team, the team and swimmer must both be registered by the same Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC). If there are questions about affiliation, the swimmer will be entered "unattached."  
Age Groups Individual events: 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49...etc. Age for the meet is determined as of the last day of the meet (August 18, 1997). Relay events (aggregate ages): 76-99, 100-119, 120-159, 160-199, 200-239, etc.  
World Records For FINA World Records, age shall be determined as of December 31, 1997. Swimmers aging up after August 18, 1997, must bring this fact to the attention of the meet director.  
Scoring Individual events: 11-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Relays score double points.
Team Scoring Team scoring will be divided into three divisions: large-team, medium-team and small-team. Each division will contain three categories: men, women, and combined scores. Mixed relays will be scored as "combined." Championship Committee will determine team divisions after entry deadline.  
Awards Customized medals will be awarded for first through tenth places. A USMS Championship patch will be given to each swimmer and relay team member for first event won. Those winning more than one championship may purchase additional patches for each event won. Team plaques given in each division. If leaving early, arrange to have awards picked up, or awards can be mailed for a nominal fee (see "Answers" desk at meet).  
Seeding Men's events will precede Women's events. Odd-numbered heats will consistently start from south end (near diving well), and even-numbered heats will start from the north end. Events 200 meters or less will be pre-seeded, and, along with the deck-seeded 400 Free, will be swum slowest to fastest within each age group, oldest to youngest; partial heats may be combined. The 800 and 1500 Freestyles and 400 IM will be deck-seeded slowest to fastest by time or by a combination of age group and time. In distance free events, two-per-lane swimmers will swim before those swimming one-per-lane.  
Warm-up Times The competition pool will be available for warm-up on Wednesday from noon to 7 p.m., Thursday through Monday from 6 to 6:45 a.m. and for 30 minutes after distance races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The diving well will be available for continuous warm-up during competition.  
Warm-up Procedures Swimmers must enter the pool feet first in a cautious manner. No diving allowed except in designated sprint lanes. Racing Starts (including backstroke starts) will be allowed only in designated sprint lanes during all warm-up sessions, where one or two lanes shall be designated as "One Way Sprint Lanes." Safety marshals will monitor pool entry. No training equipment (hand paddles, kickboards, fins, etc.) may be used at any time during the warm-up periods.  


Distance Relays For the first time, the 800 Free (Thursday) and 400 Medley and Free (Monday) Relays will be added at Nationals. All relays must be entered on a relay entry form by Wednesday, August 13, at 6 p.m. A relay entry form will be mailed to all clubs, or may be obtained from Audrey Merrit (see address under "Entry Information"). The 400 and 800 Relays will be deck-seeded by time only.  
Mandatory Scratch Rule If, in the opinion of the USMS National Championship Committee, the meet is deemed too large to be run in an efficient manner, your sixth event will be dropped.  
Scratches Any swimmer who fails to report to the proper lane in the correct heat of his/her entered event shall be considered scratched from that event and shall not be permitted to swim that event at another time.  
Official Verification Card (OVC)

For an OVC, contact the following official prior to arrival at the meet:

Al Soltis, 
2101 Sunset Point Rd.,#702, 
Clearwater, FL 34625. 

Phone: (813)442-3751.

Concessions/Vendors Village Food concessions, including healthy fare, will be available at the meet. Standard souvenirs will be on sale beginning Thursday, including a limited number of specialty items with meet logo (starting Friday).  
Temperature/Climate Outdoor temperatures range from the upper 90s (day) to the lower 70s (evening).  
General Meeting All coaches, officials, and swimmers should be represented at the general meeting to be held at the YMCA Aquatic Center on Wednesday, August 13, at 7 p.m.  
Masters Coaches Meetings A Masters Coaches Clinic will be held on Wednesday, August 13, from 1 to 5 p.m. A Masters Coaches meeting will be held on Saturday, August 16, at 6:30 a.m.  
Early Entry Raffle Swimmers whose entries arrive postmarked prior to June 1, 1997, will be entered in one of two lotteries (male and female). Sponsors' prizes will be awarded to the two lottery winners during the meet.  
Social & Buffet Souvenir Exchange
Friday, August 15
Marriott $7.00
Hurricane Watch If a hurricane threatens the status of the meet,
call (407)354-1188 for an updated message.