Win A $1200 Pace Clock Pro for Your Club!

August 2016 Club Membership Drive

Win a pace clock for your clubYour registered USMS club or workout group could win a $1,200 Pace Clock Pro from Colorado Time Systems and be featured in an article on our website. The top five clubs/workout groups that register the most USMS members in August will each win a pace clock and be featured in an article on our homepage.

This year, USMS has created a year-plus membership starting on August 1 to help capture some of the interest of the Olympics, which will start on August 6. The year-plus membership option will give potential members $19 off of their 2016 USMS membership if they register for 2017 as well. 

So, invite your local lap swimmers and get your swimmers to bring their friends to the pool—and check out "Try Masters Swimming Day" on August 15.

*This only applies to registered local USMS clubs and workout groups, not regional clubs*

Here's the Leaderboard

The following clubs signed up the most new members during the month of August:

Palm Beach Masters (PBM):  51 new members
Lane 4 Swimming (L4S):  47
White Rock Masters Swimming (WRMS):  39
Texas Ford Aquatic Masters (TFAM):  27
Texas Longhorn Aquatics (TXLA):  23
Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM):  20
Temescal Aquatic Masters (TEME):  20
Modesto Area Aquatic Club (MAAC):  18
SwimMAC Masters (MAC, workout group of NCMS club):  18
Stanford Masters (STAN):  17
Arlington Masters (ARMS):  16
Santa Barbara Masters (SBM):  16
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