2004 Short Course National Championships

Psych Sheets

Psych Sheets are now available for all individual events. Please check your entry information in these files and submit corrections to Mel Goldstein. Corrections will be accepted for mis-spelled names, wrong age or club affiliation, or errors in the entry time made by the meet host ONLY. Please do not attempt to submit a new entry time from a more recent swim - it will not be accepted. With all corrections, please include your name, sex, and registration number as it appears on your USMS registration card, and briefly describe the problem. Please submit all corrections by Saturday, April 3.

All events except for the 400 IM and 500, 1000, and 1650 Freestyle will be pre-seeded with heat sheets available in the meet program. The heat sheets for the pre-seeded events will be available here as soon as they have been finalized.

Thursday, April 22
W 1000 FreeM 1000 Free
W 1650 FreeM 1650 Free
Friday, April 23
W 100 FlyM 100 Fly
W 50 BreastM 50 Breast
W 100 BackM 100 Back
W 200 FreeM 200 Free
Mixed 200 Medley RelayMixed 200 Medley Relay
W 200 Free RelayM 200 Free Relay
W 400 IMM 400 IM
Saturday, April 24
W 100 IMM 100 IM
W 200 FlyM 200 Fly
W 50 BackM 50 Back
W 100 FreeM 100 Free
W 200 BreastM 200 Breast
W 200 Medley RelayM 200 Medley Relay
W 500 Free 
Sunday, April 25
W 200 BackM 200 Back
W 50 FreeM 50 Free
W 200 IMM 200 IM
W 50 FlyM 50 Fly
W 100 BreastM 100 Breast
Mixed 200 Free RelayMixed 200 Free Relay
 M 500 Free
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