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DatesCourseLMSC2018 Meets
Jul 20-22, 2018LCMGU2018 Gulf Senior Champs (USA Meet)
Jul 19-22, 2018LCMVA2018 Virginia Swimming LC Senior Championships (USA-S)
Jul 15, 2018LCMNESummer JT LCM Mini-Meet
Jul 14, 2018LCMVATIDE 2nd Annual Speedo Masters Meet
Jul 14, 2018LCMOZEd and Ruth Shea Challenge Classic
Jul 14, 2018SCYFGBastille Day Swim Meet
Jul 14, 2018SCYNBCornhusker State Games - Short Course Master's Swim Meet
Jul 13-15, 2018LCMGA2018 Hurricane Long Course Champs
Jul 12-15, 2018LCMST2018 Speedo Southern Zone Long Course Sectional Championships
Jul 12-15, 2018LCMSP2018 Los Angeles Invitational
Jul 12-15, 2018LCMCOSpeedo Sectionals
Jul 12-14, 2018LCMPN99th Annual Senior Seattle Open
Jul 11-14, 2018LCMNB2018 Region VIII Summer Sectional
Jul 8-15, 2018LCMPCPacMasters Long Course Championships
Jul 8, 2018LCMKYKentucky Masters Long Course Mini Meet
Jul 7-8, 2018LCMFL2018 St Pete Master Long Course Swimming Championships
Jul 7-8, 2018LCMSRTreasure Valley Last Chance LCM
Jul 7-8, 2018LCMNDWFF Summer Explosion
Jul 7-8, 2018LCMNEBay State Games
Jul 7, 2018LCMCTNorth East Masters LCM Invite
Jul 6-8, 2018LCMGU2018 South Central Zone LC Championships
Jul 6-8, 2018LCMIW2018 IE VS Starlight
Jul 6-8, 2018LCMARMary Grace Tucker Memorial Invitational
Jul 6-7, 2018LCMSPCA 2018 Rose Bowl Long Course July 6-7 Intrasquad Meet
Jul 6-7, 2018LCMGA2018 Georgia Open LC Championships
Jul 5-8, 2018LCMMN2018 Aquajets Summer Invitational
Jul 5-7, 2018LCMKY40th Annual SeaHawk Invitational
Jul 1, 2018LCMIN6th Annual Munster Masters Summer Splash
Jun 30, 2018SCMDV2018 YWMA Go the Distance Meet
Jun 30, 2018LCMAZMAC Summer Inter-Squad 2018
Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2018LCMSPSLO Firecracker Long Course Meet and Pool Open Water
Jun 29-30, 2018LCMSPSanta Barbara Long Course Meet
Jun 26-27, 2018SCYSETN Senior Olympics State Finals
Jun 24, 2018SCYOH2018 Ohio Senior Games Swim Meet
Jun 23-24, 2018LCMIWWalla Walla Sweet Onion Open
Jun 23, 2018LCMLEO*H*I*O Masters 2018 LCM Swim Meet - CSU
Jun 23, 2018LCMMNMinnesota Masters LCM State Championship
Jun 23, 2018SCYSE2018 Panama City Swim Team Masters Summer Splash Meet
Jun 23, 2018SCYNESecond Annual Gary Isherwood Memorial Masters Swim Meet
Jun 22-24, 2018LCMIW2018 IE SAS Summer Solstice Invitational Swim Meet
Jun 22-24, 2018LCMGAT.L. Jackson Diversity Invitational
Jun 21-24, 2018LCMSP2018 DOLFIN Fran Crippen Memorial Swim Meet of Champions
Jun 21-24, 2018LCMST2018 ST AAAA-NS George Block Invitational
Jun 21-23, 2018LCMUTUtah Summer Games
Jun 16-17, 2018LCMSCSouth Carolina Masters LCM Championships
Jun 16-17, 2018LCMFG13th Annual June Krauser Summer Splash
Jun 16-17, 2018LCMNDBill Siders Invitational
Jun 16, 2018LCMMI2018 John Munley Memorial Masters Swim Meet
Jun 16, 2018LCMSENAC Masters Summer Solstice
Jun 16, 2018LCMWI2018 Wisconsin State LCM Champs at Schroeder
Jun 16, 2018LCMOH2018 Miami Redfin Summer Long Course Meet
Jun 16, 2018SCYNIEmpire State Senior Games - Swim Meet 50-69
Jun 15-17, 2018LCMIN2018 SCSC Solstice Splash Invitational
Jun 15-17, 2018LCMGA2018 Sizzling Summer Invite
Jun 15-17, 2018LCMAZ2018 Narwhal Invitational
Jun 15, 2018SCYNIEmpire State Senior Games - Swim Meet 70+
Jun 10, 2018SCYIA2018 Iowa Senior Games Swim Meet
Jun 10, 2018LCMSPLong Course in Vegas Baby!
Jun 10, 2018LCMDV2018 Upper Main Line YMCA Masters Long Course Meet
Jun 10, 2018LCMGA218 Woller ABSC Long Course Meet
Jun 9-10, 2018LCMFL2018 Bumpy Jones Classic
Jun 9, 2018SCYOROregon Senior Games
Jun 9, 2018LCMPVUMAC-Terrapin Masters Terrapin Cup
Jun 9, 2018SCYSEAlabama State Games
Jun 9, 2018SCYWI2018 Wis Badger State Games USA Approved
Jun 8-11, 2018LCMAZ2018 Phoenix Summer Invitational
Jun 8-10, 2018LCMMVBZRK 4-States RAGNAROK
Jun 8-10, 2018LCMOHDamon McCoy Invitational
Jun 3, 2018LCMSPPasadena Seinor Games
Jun 3, 2018LCMSPMission Viejo Masters Long Course Swim Meet
Jun 2, 2018LCMNT2018 Masters Challenge
Jun 1-3, 2018LCMIN2018 IN THT Summer Steam
May 23-30, 2018SCYCT2018 New Canaan SCY Timed Event
May 20, 2018SCYSI2018 San Diego Swim Masters Distance Showcase and Head 2 Head SCY Relay Meet
May 20, 2018SCYPC2018 Bay Area Senior Games Swimming Meet
May 20, 2018SCYCTCT Masters Games
May 19-21, 2018SCMCanadian Masters Swimming Championships
May 19-20, 2018LCMCOBAT Spring Fling
May 19, 2018LCMIW2018 Fazzari's Neptune Open
May 19, 2018SCYNEThe Dan Horton Invitational Masters Meet
May 19, 2018SCYMRAquapalooza 4
May 19, 2018SCYFGCoral Springs SCY Last Chance Meet
May 19, 2018LCMORCOMA LCM Meet
May 19, 2018SCYNJ2018 Somerset County YMCA Masters
May 19, 2018LCMNINiagara LC Super Circuit #3
May 18-20, 2018LCMMTBozeman May Classic
May 18-20, 2018LCMSRSpring Fling Invitational
May 18-19, 2018LCMARAquakids End of School Invitational
May 17-18, 2018SCYVA2018 Virginia Senior Games
May 12-13, 2018LCMCO2018 Rocky Mountain State Games
May 12, 2018SCMIASWIA Masters Short Course Spring Meet 2018
May 10-13, 2018SCYIN2018 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship
May 6, 2018SCYNI2018 Buffalo Masters Cinco de Mayo Masters Swim Meet
May 6, 2018LCMMDMay Time Trial
May 5-6, 2018LCMARMasters Spring Splash
May 4-6, 2018LCMARSpring Splash Invitational

Showing meets #101 - 200 of 5,611
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