Update LMSC Information on USMS.org

USMS compiles a number of data bases that need input from LMSCs, clubs, and individuals.  Please take the time to update the following for your LMSC or club:

  • Submit meet results from all sanctioned meets to meetresults AT USMS DOT org for inclusion in the meet results database. The Event Rankings and Individual Results on the USMS web site, located under the Competition tab, access a database of individual results that is a consolidation of all meet results files submitted on-line. These times are not tied in any way to the USMS Top Ten. The meet results database is basically one big virtual meet. The database is an unedited composite of all meet results submitted. The results are best explained as a guideline or yardstick that swimmers can use to gauge progress compared to other competitors of the same age group.

    Top Ten Recorders are requested to e-mail meet results just as soon as meet results become available. The database has a time value for swimmers and is most useful if it is continually updated as the season progresses.

    The files submitted for the meet results database upload must be zipped, should contain splits of individual events (if available in the meet results) and must be one of the following formats:
  • SDIF (created via most meet management software)
  • Hy-Tek Exported meet results, format .CL2 (zipped by Hy-Tek during Export)
  • Hy-Tek Backup (zipped by Hy-Tek during Backup)
Displays of Event Rankings on the USMS Web Site show the best time of a swimmer in an event. Swimmers are identified by their permanent swimmer ID (the last 5 characters of your annual registration number). Any swimmers in the Event Rankings that are not identified by this permanent ID appear in red to indicate that this information is missing, and these swimmers may therefore appear more than once in the rankings.
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